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please suggest any excellent book for reading philosophy of mathematics ?? I shall be very grateful to you

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@vikayefremova come up ;)
hey :)

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Other answers:

hehe :) soo what are we gonna do? ;) :D
fun ..i guess lol
homework is no fun but okay :(
;) even if it is done with someone weird :(
ohh i didnt mean that sorry :) your always fun to talk to and great help :) so it wont be as boring ;) ;)
yea yea...
sooo... ? :D
you want me to say?
say what?
hmm.. okay :(
ha questions
i am working on science right now :P
post it
its really easy :P
its about prehistoric times.. like fossils and stuff :P
where is the question?
7. Fossils allow us to learn about: a. Bacteria, protists, plants, and animals b. How life has changed over time c. How organisms are related d. All of the above e. None of the above
i think b...right?
oh.. okay
these are really simple :P
it tells us about everything like bacteria, prehistoric life and how present organisms are related to the older one ..don't say it's simple, every question is good, keep shooting :)
okay :P
8. Cladograms are diagrams that show us: a. How organisms are related to one another b. Which group is missing a common ancestor c. Which group evolved first
it shows us how organism are related to one another
thanks :)
again :(
yess ;)
9. If there is a change in the environment, which of the following statements best explains how natural selection works: a. Individual organisms adapt themselves to the new environment. b. Those organisms that have features that are better adapted to the change in the environment will survive and reproduce. c. Those organisms that are the biggest and strongest will survive and reproduce.
its B. right?
i think A but not sure ..because everyone has to adapt, no one has that in built future and C can't be answer because if it is so then dinasors must have survived so it's A
okay thanks :)
next :(
Fine! 6. Of all the species that have ever lived on this planet, how many have gone extinct? a. More than 90% b. 60-80% c. 30-60% d. 10-30%
10%-30% ?
i think..
no it's B, wait a sec
i am not sure about this but i think more than 90% has gone
okay :)
no it's B 100% sure
two more questions left..its okay i'll finish them :P there kinda easy
i know you aren't sure about that
they are 'true or false' questions, those are the easiest ones :P
by the way what are those?
well you read a sentence and then say if it is true or if its not true (false) :P
what does the sentence say lol
these are the last questions... :P True or False: 1. _______ Extinction is common. 2. _______ Without variation, evolution cannot happen. 3. _______ Millions of years passed between the extinction of dinosaurs and the appearance of the first humans. 4. _______ A cladogram is a diagram that shows how a group of organisms might be related to each other. 5. _______ All of the plants and animals on Earth have been described by science.
they're easy :)
for true i have used T and for false i have used F the way what are your answers
1. false 2. false 3. true 4. true 5.false
oh my god ..have you submitted your answers ?
nope not yet :)
why? are they wrong? :(
i think it should be 1.F 2.F 3.T 4.T 5.F
oh thanks, that was really helpful :P lol
weren't you scared
yes maybe just a little bit, but i was sure of my answers.. i dont know how that could be wrong :P
yea yea...i know what you did to me in the morning lol ...okay next
hahaha ;) :D
no more questions :P
i am working on science not maths :P
so what's the said you are done with science
just with that assignment, i have a few more :P
hello :)
oh hey ;) questions please ? :)
1 Attachment
don't cry lol
i dont like homework :(
he has to receive $1500 but he received $1850 if r represents raise then it should be $1500+r= $1850 :) because if raise is added in it ...this will give you total amount
@LonelyandForgotten this is what i could do for so long, hope you like it and its done :) :) edit it your way ;)
1 Attachment
Ghazi, i cannot accept this, I'm sorry. but Thank you.
okay, you're welcome

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