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I need help and/or advice.. I am horrible at writting papers as it is and not only that I haven't written one in over 4 years. Does anyone have any resources they use to help write a paper? I have zero ideas on where to even start. I am that clueless on how to even start a paper.

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Do you need to write one for some sort of assignment? It might be easier to start there. I would love to help you with this. :)
Yes. My teacher is basically having us write one every week since its a half semester class and I don't have a clue how to write one. I got some notes but I have to write one on what I think is the main reason america moved towards independence from Britain.
Thank you by the way.

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Other answers:

Hi, I saw your question and that the person helping you has not yet responded, so if you would like, I might can help you with this. First off, what is the desired length of the paper?
Sorry for late response ..
He didn't give a length but he commented that if someone doesn't know how to write a paper to make it 5-6 paragraphs and if you do it can be like 4 paragraphs. That confused me all together since I only remember how to write the high school type of paper.
what I think is the main reason america moved towards independence from Britain. " So like, an American Literature/History class? First for writing your paper, you'll want to start with an idea. Think about the prompt and ask yourself what the reasons were for America and Britain's split. Write/jot down your ideas. Once you have enough strong ideas, try to choose the best, or try encorporaing multiple ideas into one coherent one. This main, big idea will be your thesis, what the entire paper is based on. From there, start thinking about your ideas. In order to prove your thesis and point, you'll need to back up what you say with evidence from history - like events, laws, decisions, and etc. These facts will make up your body paragraphs, and the facts should be grouped somewhat. Like in categories. For example : Thesis/big idea: America split from Britain due to the political, economic, and social isolation between the countries that made them so different. (Yours will probably be more complex) - Subtopic: Britain and America differed in their governmental structure and ideas of how society should be run. Proof: Whereas Britain had a monarch, America was ruled as a democracy, as shown through the documents of ... etc. .. For example. Your thesis should sum up your Subtopics, which should be supported by the evidence you give. Sorry if this sounds vague, I encourage you to ask questions though I'm only slightly familiar with the exact subject :)
Okay. So, do you have any ideas for the reasons of the split? :)
You can start there and move from that.
I came up with not being represented but that tied in taxes. I emailed my teacher because he emphasized ONE when he said choose one thing. My mind is always all over the place and on top of choosing one he said not to talk about what made them go to war or mention the war.. something like that. He is very vague so it doesnt help me since i havent written a paper in so long. Thank you for the help you guys. I may have more questions as i begin writting. I have a midterm already and that one really has to be good. These papers are making or breaking my grade. Why i thought choosing history class as a half term class was a good idea i do not remember.
So if he doesn't want you to mention the war, he probably wants some long-term causes of what made the Americans get to the point of revolution/separation from Britain. Maybe what you can do (since you have a lot of ideas, especially good ones) is e-mail him and ask him if you can have one idea that effects different aspects? Like, your idea is both political and economic, right? So that's much more complex. I hope I can help and please message me/mention me if you need help with revision and whatnot! Good luck!
Thank you! I really appreciate the help. I was soooo lost!

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