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Has anyone signed up for the programming course? I did, but didn't receive an e-mail :I

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Report the issue.
What course is this o.O
So, that's run by the Mechanical MOOC guys, not us. Although @walne probably knows who you need to get in touch with to find the answer to this question.

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Other answers:

@Kymber - That's odd alright - have you checked your spam folder? The email will be from 'The Machine.' The email address is Please let me know if you still can't find it, and we'll be sure to contact them and try and help you with this problem, thanks!
Yes, I've looked everywhere, and I put it in a few weeks ago. I even tried an alternate e-mail address and still haven't received anything :I What can I do? I really want to take this course!
I did not receive it either. I actually submitted the form in a few times. The class is Python right?
I have also signed up , but not sure whether I received any response from OS or not. Please help @cshalvey
I have received a mail from "the machine". So has my application been accepted ? @cshalvey
@anjali_pant What did the e-mail say? Sounds like that's the right one.
It says - thanks for signing up ! So is that a confirmation of my registration ?
Yeah, I think that's just to confirm they have your e-mail in their system. You'll probably receive another one with further instruction.
Ok thanks. And have you received any help as yet ?
Nope - waiting for mods to respond. At least I still have a month before it starts :D
You like programming?
Yeah. Good Luck !
So is python easy ? Any idea about it ?
Hm. Yeah, as I said the mechanical mooc stuff is out of our control so I don't know how much help we can be. :\ @cshalvey Do you have any contact details for who kymber should ask about this?
@anjali_pant It's supposed to be "A gentle introduction" so I'm sure it won't be too hard of a course. But I know nothing about it so, xD @Dallasb22 I am interested in learning about programming, but I've never done any. That's why I'm taking this course ;] @farmdawgnation Yeah, I just thought you guise could tell me who to contact. Thanks for trying to help! :D
@anjali_pant, python isn't super easy, but it's easier than c++, It is actually very fun and satisfying. @kymber Ahh I see, hehe smart decision ;)
Hey everyone, quick update - we're looking into this for all of you right now, and are waiting on a response. I promise, we'll make sure that everyone gets a response, and thanks for signing up! I'm in it too, so expect some questions from ol' Shalvey (I know *nothing* about Python) ;)
Yay! Thanks @cshalvey :D
Thanks Zach Galifankis!!
Er.. I mean @cshalvey :P
Hehe, I may throw you out of my Wolfpack for that comment @Dallasb22 ;)
Lol, you know it made you feel good! :) @cshalvey
Still haven't received an e-mail.. still really want to take this course.. :I
Update: Got the e-mail on Sunday :)

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