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hello, i am new here, i just wonder how it works

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I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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Hello @harryxiexie . Welcome to OpenStudy. Basically, you can ask question, answer question and chat with other users on OpenStudy. Ask a question You can post a question in the box ''Ask a question...'' on the top left corner, like what you did when you asked this question. You're reminded that you can only post one question in each group at a time. Also, please post the question in the right group. For instance, please post the maths question in the math group only. You can search the group by clicking the blue bar on the top, which shows which group you're in, followed by ''Find More Subjects''. When you're satisfied with the answer and want to ask a new question, click the ''Close'' button. The ''Bump'' button can help you bump your question to the top, so that others can see you question on the top again. Note that do *NOT* try to bypass the bumping limit by starting a new post asking the same question! Answer a question You can leave your reply in the box under the question of a post. Please do not give direct answer to the question. Make sure you involve the asker in solving the question and help them to understand the way to solve the problem. This can help asker learn better than giving direct answer, which is prohibited on OpenStudy. You may find some buttons (toolbox) useful when you answer a question. (a) Equation This can help you type something you probably can type using your keyboard, like the set notation ''\(\in\)''. You can find those things in the equation toolbox. (b) Draw When you think visualizing your words through pictures/graphs can help you explain to others, you can use the Draw function, next to the equation button. You can also type in the drawings too! (c) Attach File Sometimes, you can attach some files using that function. Chat There is a row at the bottom of the page. That is the chat box(es). You can chat with others using that chat box. For instance, if you want to chat in the maths group, you can click Mathematics and type something there. Of course, you can also watch others' chat too! You can also minimize the chat box if you don't want to see others' chat and even hide the chat box. Last but not least, you're strongly recommended to read our Code of Conduct (CoC) at . Make sure you follow the CoC. Welcome again and have a great time on OpenStudy!
Few points missing: 1. You can tag others by typing @ followed by the username, like what I did to you. Warm reminder: don't tag moderators or administrators (the ones in purple) in the Feedback group though... 2. You can reward the one who gave the best response to the question by clicking the Best Response button on the top right corner of the post. You can only click that button once per post, unless you click the Undo button... 3. You'll receive notifications when someone replies to your question/ the question you've commented on. You may also receive notifications when you're tagged in a post, but you can change the settings (check the Settings on the top right corner of the page) 4. You can fan/message others. Clicking your target's name, you can see few buttons there. Hmm... Actually, what else do you want to know?
Well, Welcome to OpenStudy! I think @Callisto did a swell job on explaining the site:)

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Hello ! Welcome to open study ! Its one of the most amazing places online. Trust me , you would love it :-)
Wow, awesome response there @Callisto! Great introduction! @Harryxiexie - If you have any other questions about OpenStudy or how it works feel free to ask them here or ask me directly if you wish. And most importantly, Welcome to OpenStudy!
What if you're not sure where to post? Like a science-specific math problem?
@veggiepants: That'd work very well in Physics, but you can first tell us what the problem is, so we could figure out where the problem should be posted. You can ask anyone of us in the chat box.
Another suggestion is to refer to your subject. For example, I find a question in my physics textbook and I would like to ask that question here, I'll post it in the physics section, even though it is mainly about calculation.
Yes. A multitude of questions are like "In a mixture, hydrogen contains two-thirds of the mixture and the rest is oxygen. There are three atoms in the mixture. How many atoms of oxygen are present?". These are more related to Mathematics(ratio and proportions).
\[\huge{\color{blue}{\frak{Welcome}}\space \color{red}{\mathsf{To}} \space \color{green}{\mathbb{O}} \color{violet}{\textbf{P}} \color{green}{\mathbb{E}} \color{brown}{\textbf{N}}\space \color{grey}{\mathbb{S}} \color{violetred}{\textbf{T}} \color{orange}{\mathbb{U}} \color{magenta}{\textbf{D}} \color{pink}{\mathbb{Y}}}\] @harryxiexie
see @Callisto 's replies :)
And here is a tutorial on how to use OpenStudy (with many more similar maybe better tutorials linked at the end)
Good old days when we directly answered the questions instead of posting link(s) of the tutorial(s).
@thr0wingthisawayl8r I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe you can post a screenshot and explain the problem you have in the Feedback group. My apology for the belated reply!
Hey! I love making long chats too, just tag people and be kind and they'll join in on your chat! :D ~ Skai P.S.- lol remember me! Skai-hai *-^

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