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hello friends...i want to acquire my scholarship next year,,,how much i have 2 work hard?i do these subject maths chemistry physics main and biology general paper subsidary...i need can i improve in these subjects so that next year i can be one of ze laureates....

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Study, study, study. Pay attention very closely to every lesson and ask Questions that YOU need answers too. IF you know you know the answer to a problem then keep asking yourself questions until you remember the solution or syntax to get the answer. IF you have a tutor, don't let them just give you the answer and leave. One way i learn best is by having the answer and THEN reverse engineering it, so i take the answer, and look at how they solved it, and practice that over and over until i understand the way to solve the problem.
@Dallasb22 has put it very right. Keep studying and working hard , but along with it keep yourself involved at OS also , as discussions/ques-ans sessions will help you in strengthening your concepts. Good Luck.
@Dallasb22 put it very well, and my only addition to that is take the perspective of always having something to learn. The smartest people I know are the ones who continually strive to learn new things. So, keep it up :)

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I feel nationality has nothing to do with the knowledge concerning any individual. Our efforts and knowledge are our own possession. So @miteshchvm rather than discussing about the cons of being an Indian , you should encourage the person concerned to work hard and you should guide him how OS can prove to be a boon in his motive. Iam also an Indian , and Iam very well acquainted with the "reserve quota" disparities , but Iam a proud Indian and I believe that at the end what matters is your unbound efforts, dedication and most important, your knowledge. So abhishek , as @dallasb22 and @cshalvey have said , work hard and keep tuned to OS , it would really be a great help. Good Luck. a mauritian by ze way.....@anjali-pant,what is meant by OS?
@miteshchvn,u have drawn ur picture zer..hmm its gud..
abhishek , your name suggests that you are an indian, sorry for my misinterpretation. Btw my "nationality" comment was meant to correct @miteshchvm , because being an indian I felt very bad about his comment. Anyways , OS means Open Study. I hope you 'll have a good time here. Good Luck.

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