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What is the importance of the French Revolution and Napoleon?

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Did you mean what was Napoleon's importance in the French Revolution?
No, Like what is the importance of the French Revolution? And then explain the importance of Napoleon.
Ah... Okay

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Other answers:

So what would I write?
The French Revolution was a turning point in French and even to world history. It was the first time a population revolted against the Monarchy and established a Republic. This event was definitely a good thing for France and its population. Until today, a lot of texts and symbols remain from this glorious time. France is still using: -The French constitution called the "Declaration of the rights of man and citizen" written by the revolutionaries in 1789. - The French flag created in 1789. - The Marseillaise, France National anthem, written in 1792. - The Republic (even if Napoleon ruined it after the Revolution), people of France had a taste of freedom in 1792. - The French motto, written in every city hall France since the Revolution: "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity".
Sorry, i was researching. There is some points you could mention. The French Revolution showed that you should not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
One sentence is good right?
Yes. What about Napoleon?
Napoleon was a huge importance to France during the Revolution, he seized the castle and helped lead the Rebellions to victory.
That's it?
Do you need more?
Can you just repeat what you said earlier? His influence on the revolution?
Ah, sure. He also created canned food.
Actually i have something better,: Napoleon was a very important figure in French history, he not only had a huge helping hand in the French Revolution, but he also led the rebellions with his head high and eventually all throughout Europe proving their strength. He also created a rule in France that every man should be treated equal, this rule was quickly endorsed into almost every country all throughout the world.
Okay, this is good. Thank you. One more thing. What is impressive about the Romantic Movement?
Your welcome. One minute
One thing impressive about the Romantic Movement is that it was based strictly on emotions. All actions were through emotion, not the usual social acceptance, or accumulated thoughts. These emotions were so strong that they would influence Political Activists as much as artists.
Is there anything more I can add to this?
I can find something, if you need it?
Yes. Just an example how they used emotion.
The influence the emotions had caused a change in the way people thought about art, writing, and other creative endeavors. During this period of time, thousands of books, paintings and poems we're written and published.
Hows that?
Great. Thank you for your help.
My pleasure

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