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Suggestion! Course Hero charges for study documents. You guys need to make a section on this site, where users can upload study notes/lectures, etc. I am uploading a lot of documents to Course Hero, because my friend asked me to (he's doing an internship with them), but they are going to sell my lectures, and I won't get paid a cent. So I want to make sure that my lectures are available all over the internet for free. Course Hero is ripping people off.

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cant u sue for that?
Well no, because I am agreeing to their terms, aka donating..
It's just that other students are getting ripped off having to pay for the lectures that me/other users are donating.

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Other answers:

It looks like a total scam. There's plenty other places on the 'net to find documents like this for free..
Well it actually is an established company, they've been around for a while. Gtg now, but someone should look into this.
Right, so this is a good idea for someone. I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea for OpenStudy proper. There's always the chance we could investigate something like this as a companion site, like we're doing with the fundraising model on Catapult, but I'm not entirely sure what new and original twist we could contribute to this market, ya know? As the others have outlined there are plenty of other places that provide these services for free. At the college level, local bookstores provide notes custom tailored to each professor (something we could never do). I'm not entirely sure there's a good market fit for us here. I could be wrong, I'm sure @cshalvey or @walne will chip in if I am. :)
No, I am not asking for like a section that pays you if you upload documents. I just want a section where you can upload documents.
Really good idea. Infact see my recent post in this group , its somewhat similar. Its just that I have requested for tests as well. Lets hope mods pay some attention to it.

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