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3. Loyalists believed Patriots (1 point) were breaking the law. should return to England. should support British taxation. were too aristocratic. 4. Why did Thomas Paine’s Common Sense inspire colonists? (1 point) Paine listed ways to defeat British troops. Paine suggested creating a colonial House of Lords in Congress. Paine supported a gradual move toward independence from Britain. Paine talked about opportunities for the common man.
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3. They were revolting against the Monarchy, that was pretty much the definition of treason at the time. So yes it was crime, a pretty serious one. While the Founding Fathers are praised by many Americans as good men, obviously the English view was that they were traitors of the highest caliber. Crime=breaking the law 4. The pamphlet was written in a literary style that everyone could understand. 1. It is nonsense for an island to rule a continent. 2. America was not just a "British nation"; it contained influences, cultures and people from all over Europe. 3. If Britain were the "mother country" of America, then her actions were all the more reprehensible, for no mother would treat her children so brutally. 4. Being a part of Britain would drag America into European wars that would cause conflict within the different communities in America. 5. Being part of Britain would hold back the commercial development of America and keep it from the international trade in which it already excelled. 6. The distance between the two nations made governing the colonies from Westminster impracticable. Petitions sent to Parliament would take a year before colonists received a response. 7. The New World was colonised during the Protestant Reformation and English Puritans believed that God wanted them to have a place for themselves, safe from the persecution of British rule which kept changing its attitude towards them 8. Britain ruled American colonies for British benefit, and did not consider the interests of the colonists who created wealth and trade opportunities for British industry. So C
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