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I Need Help Making A Persuasive Essay About Should Daycare Be Provided In Schools For Teen Parents! I Support It! Just Need Help Writing The Essay Down!

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without daycare teen parents would have to quit school in order to take care of their children which would hinder their future. having their children close to them would facilitate creating the necessary bond between children and parents. since education is a human right (something sometimes forgotten in the us, but not in the rest of the west), governments must give any aid requiered for the teenager to fulfill highschool (at least), though there's the isssue of cost/price.
Very interesting topic. In addition to the what the person above me said. You could also say that governments can include this type of aid in a form of welfare or some other program that caters to parents. But there's also the need for accountability(in that, since the govt is providing money to help the teen go to school she/he better be studying or that money will cease to be provided.)
Daycare should most certainly be provided for teens, but then you also have to factor in how much the parents are able to help out and then go from there (something similar to financial aid).

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Other answers:

Why is it nec? not only does it help the teens further their future, they are then able to have more guidance, if the govt is giving them money for their child, they should also provide a program that helps the teen parents raise their children. Sort of like (how to be a parent for dummies).
This helps to empower the parents by education, they would be able to get a better job and provide a better life for themselves and for their children.
Make an outline First. State your thesis. then choose three or four topics for this main idea. Then have subtopics for each bigger topic
well it depends is the teens parents willing to help out with the baby? that defiantly has to factor in there. i defiantly would support it to, and providing freee day care t oteen moms would allow for teens t ostill be able to continue school and not have to drop out and still keep there baby

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