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sick flow
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im a bad boy watch me diddy bop niqqas say they real and they really not dont know who to trust who to beleive got these niqqas pissed like they bladders weak im fallin up and climb -in down your girl is karma all she do is come around im full oh sh!t or so they say i do it big over weight only 1 me why you sleek-feathered ones seein double you's she fall on her knees for me while she fallin in love with you now aint that about a dog without a im the meanist im so highh up in the air i be lookin down on venus catch me sleepin on a satelite they livin but dont have a life the only thing i lose is my appetite cuz niqqas make me sicker than someone who caint hold liquor and even with some film me fallin i cannot picture ooh she like how my pipe feels ride like she got bike skills i be shinin hard everyday i pay a light bill i dont have to ask just start peelin like a scab and im a freakin star catch me wavin on a flag ;D
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one word........SICK

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