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I wanted to report a small bug I found. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned before.....

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I'm not sure if you can see it. But it show that a member is offline but in a question
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@kymber btw you broke it.
It's so small :I
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Other answers:

And yeah, I did break it ;]
You can just zooooooooom.
Or I could post a better one >:o
It's an old knows bug. @shotgungirl
Yeah, there are some consistency issues with our online-ness at the moment. I think @mattfeury was running point on this last time, so he may be able to ask you some more directed questions to help us isolate the cause than I could.
Do you think I should close this now? @farmdawgnation
Only if you want. I'd leave it open and let Matt chime in at some point.
yea i coulent get that lol
So this is definitely possible, but should go away within a minute or two. If that's the case, I'm not so worried about it. However, if the person remains listed online in the right hand side, yet still says 'is offline' for an extended amount of time, then that is a definite issue. Basically, we track group onlineness and overall onlineness via two different means, so there may be a short window of time where overall onlineness reports offline, but group onlineness still leaves you listed in the online members list.
Either way, thanks for reporting it! We'll keep our eyes peeled, but definitely let us know if you see this for more than a few minutes without it resolving.
Sure thing<3

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