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Mandatory comment in user abuse reports?

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I'd like to propose the idea of making the reason for reports issued by users mandatory. Too often I see "so-and-so issued a report against so-and-so" and upon clicking the link I can't seem to find what they were complaining about. At times I couldn't find what was offending the user who made the report and have to ask them by pm. Other times they are just using the report button as a weapon against each other, and I go scrolling through the comments trying to figure out who is mad about what only to find that the real offender is the one making the fake report. I think if reports could only be filed if a specific reason is given in the comments it would be easier to identify the problem, and weed out false reports. It would probably also discourage the back-and-forth reporting that seems to happen a bit too frequently in chat. Any thoughts or suggestions on the matter appreciated. I gotta bounce, but I'll be happy to hear your input guys.
I've thought about this a bit as well, and I like the idea.
what about if we have a second option for just for people who give answers? That way the mods can go through those complaints quickly.

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Other answers:

I agree - the comment should be made mandatory.
I, personally, am in favor of this. We'll see what the other team members say.
I too like a mandatory comment field. Could it be made easier by giving the reporter the option of selecting a comment for common forms of abuse - i.e., "Asking for / giving just answers", "Spamming", "Meanness and disrespect"...? And of course give them a comment box where they can either elaborate on one of the standard options or type an entirely unique report... I too am in favor of the reporter knowing in general what happened in response to the abuse report - i.e., whether or not it was acted upon and possibly a way for a moderator to discuss the report with the reporter. The feedback for the reporter would be useful in giving them a better idea of what is actually a useful report and help them file more of same in the future.
This isn't a bad idea. This could also be used to handle situations where the action needs to be different based on what the user did. There are a few cases where things need to go to a special email address instead of to you guys and we've had mixups where abuse reports are filed instead of proper protocol being followed. I'm on bug duty for the next few days. I may be able to squeeze this in.
bug duty, lol

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