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Anybody have any advice on how to write a personal essay for the common application #freakingout #college

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Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.
can a service trip count?

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Other answers:

i suppose it could if it impacted you in such a way. and a service trip, in my opinion, is certainly selfless.
There is tons of information on the internet regarding writing common application for college entrance. There are many that go into much more depth then I can type.. or rather that you want to read right now.
yeah i know
I guess one thing that a lot of college student do is they try to cram all their stuff into the essay.. and it becomes a list and hard to read
most of the schools im applying to i think requires supplements
just make sure your essay is focused and clear. also make it to the point and avoid the fluff.
kk do you know if an essay like a college essay should be about 4 paragraphs
if you can work the essay into a story which reveals what you enjoy, your passions, and really let them see who you are as a person.. cause that is special in itself.
oh ok
like 500 words. maybe 600
oh ok! im currently a senior in high school at what stage of the college application process do u think i should be in
hmm.. that is a subjective question. I dont think it is about what stage you should be in .. rather that you are in the process of being registered for school period.
it also depends on what schools you are looking at
are you trying to get into Stanford or Yale? or possible a state college ?
yeah i am currently been working on the common application for u of portland, gonzaga, usf, usd, boston university
and then for a state college western washington university
It would be nice I guess for time sake to know where you are going to school by Feb.. but if you didnt find out til june i suppose it wouldnt matter THAT much
oh ok
with the lower profile colleges.. their entrance generally isnt that extensive.. but obviously, if you are anxious to start school again next spring and go experience college life.. then you probably want to get those applications completed soonish.
best of luck to you.
thanks! lolz i am planning to start next fall semester i grad from high school may of 2013
woo go girl! time to move out of your parents house and into a upscale apartment with your gf's !
well if i can ever afford it lolz
Take a risk! Make sure it's not a universal topic (very specific to you) and make it seem intelligent; use humor, sarcasm, or connect emotionally...depending on what your personality is like...just embody yourself through your writing. And remember to show, not tell!

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