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Dangerous Feelings — RELEASE 2012-09-14 ~<.>~

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Well I'm back from that vacay, so it's time for some goodness. - A few fixes to the mobile version of the site, including fixing up the annoyingly tall group indicator. - Fix a deadlocking issue on the server that was causing us to have to restart things 1+ times a day. - Fix issues with saving your zen mode chats between page reloads and logins. - Fix issues where joining a group in one tab would not join you in other tabs. There's one more big issue causing server lockups and restarts that I'm working on right now; it should hopefully see the light of day tomorrow morning and things should start running a lot more smoothly as a result, but we should already see a difference from today's fixes. Last but not least, a feature. An experiment, if you will. A creation handcrafted for you by our very own @mattfeury . - Allow nesting of groups. Nested groups are pretty straightforward: - When you post to a child group, your question will also appear in the parent group. - If you are online in a child group, you will also appear online in the parent group. - If you're in a parent group and see a post from a child group, you will see the name of the child group in the lower right of the question. We're going to be making some groups children of others in the next few days to experiment with this feature and see how it does for people. As usual, let us know what you think and if you find any issues. More to come!
We had some hiccups (perhaps an understatement), but things should be running smoothly now.

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Other answers:

Yeah, after the four hours of downtime it seemed appropriate though :p
So the parent group would be mathematics and a child would be algebraic structures?
You know like as an example.
For example. Also envision e.g. MIT 6.0 Intro Computer Science (OCW) as a subgroup of Computer Science.
Great job, people, and I am looking forward to seeing the new parent-child groups functionality. :)
If you now view someones profile and look at questions they have asked or answered, you can now also see which subject area that question was in - something I have been waiting for a long time! Was this deliberate or just a side-effect of the new features? PS: I notice we are still referring to subjects as "groups" - are we going to go back to groups or is subjects the new terminology?
Just a side-effect actually. But a good one! :)
As for groups vs subjects, subjects is still the way the site refers to them, and I have failed at getting rid of the habit of referring to them as subjects -.-
Aha! A crack finally appears in the armour of shadowfiend! He IS Human after all! :D
:) ok - I'll stay quiet...
Yes, will unofficial groups be categorized as child groups as well? :|
so kids will be on one side and parents on the other??
Excellent. There sorely needs to be a biochemistry group, let alone the physical chemistry subdivision!
where will the parents be

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