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Just wondering if anyone else is taking on the challenge of trying to learn Japanese? :)

Language and Culture
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It is easiest to learn a language by coupling it with something that interests you beyond belief, so that learning a difficult language would be worth it in the pursuit of your interest. For instance, a girl I knew once, loved anime more than the real world and she picked up bits of Japanese from there. Spurred further by the availability of the course in our school, she learnt it pretty well in a matter of months. If you like old westerns, then some samurai movies might interest you. There is a myriad of possibilities to explore, go nuts.
Yep! I've just done a 60-hour course. It's great. Have you started yet?
Have you been to japan or do you watch a lot of anime?

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Other answers:

Oh, wow. Thanks for the replies, guys! Hopefully, my question can get some more. It's awesome to find other people who are also learning. Right now, I'm self-studying and I'm not very much into it at all. At least I'm slowly learning, and that's better than nothing at all. @Akitav: Thank you for the advice. I'm actually a rather big anime, computer, and video game nerd. So, I'm sure I could easily couple Japanese with any of those things. @Vincent: I haven't taken any physical classes; they are non-existent were I live. So, I'm try and take some courses when I am able to go to a physical college in the states. I do want to try and either minor or dual-major in it, though. @Tombrokaw: I have never been to Japan, but I want to try to live and work there after I finish college. I've done some research on some opportunities available and have found some programs like JET and AEON. I'm sure there are others out there as well; though, I don't want to teach English my whole life, but if it can be used as a springboard then why not? I do like anime, but I am also very interested in the culture. Japan is far more than just anime and manga.
Maybe you can have a look at this:
@Vincent-Lyon.Fr: Oh, wow! Thank you! :) I definitely will. Having some sort of schedule to go by for learning -- since the site has old syllabi -- will really help me.
I know that there is also this site:
Hi! I took Japanese for 4 years, high school and college. I don't think it's very diffucult. But I DID hear that it gets more challenging past the point where I stopped. The most challenging part of starting off, for me, may have been memorizing all the hiragana and all the katakana. But after all of that was done, everything else was pretty straight-forward. I have a question. You mentioned that you're self-studying, and that you're not very much into it at all. Did you mean that you're not into the language? Or that you're not into studying alone?
Yep, this was the one I meant to start with:
@InYourHead: Ah, I see. That would make sense since high school and the first few college courses are just to learn the basics. I meant that I wasn't very far in my learning. Studying alone is more or less my only option right now. I'm not a fan of going at it alone as far as studying goes, since interaction helps with learning.
Can you read/type Japanese script on your computer?
はい。 Yes, I can.
Japan is indeed far more than just anime and manga but I was just wondering about that particular aspect of the culture because that is what most people know. So I am guessing you are one to travel as well? I hope everything works out for you!
@Tombrokaw Thank you! :)
I'm self-learning too and it's been really fun!
@ettenelalovesnutella : How far are you into your study of Japanese? :)
I'm not very far. I'm using this PowerSpeak thing and I'm still learning how to speak formally to my parents and other people's parents. etc. For the writing part, I'm still in hiragana. Japanese is very fun!

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