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Does anyone else find it cumbersome being allowed only 1 simultaneously open question? Any suggested ameliorations?

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Same, sometimes i would like some people to help me on multiple questions, as you can only give one ,edal to a person per question.
The trouble is to balance out allowances for multiple genuine questions, the answer to which you will read thoroughly and try to grock, and preventing posting 10 homework questions which you will simply copy. To be honest, the majority of carpet-bombers are of a fairly low smartscore, as a suggestion stratify according to that?
Of course, the cutoff would have to be some level unattainable by begging for medals or something in hope of reaching said level in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe even 2 questions active as an addition to test the system? My idea for its implementation may be flawed, but other like forums feel so much less restrictive, even if the site is poorer in quality.

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Other answers:

Yea, that would be a great idea tbh.
Its a long-debated topic. Definitely just one open question , narrows down our potential to ask our difficulties , but mods say that allowing more than 1 open ques , would make the users more lethargic in answering the ques and rather they would keep posting new queries. So this would result in a one-sided engagement and could bring abrupt changes in the actual format of OS. So no comments !!!! :p
So in essence it is useful because we are forced, through waiting for an answer to our question, to answer others'? In my experience the people truly helpful with questions are the ones who rarely post a question of their own every month.
You know when I was new on OS , my very first problem was " only 1 open question :-0" ! But mods point of view is also not wrong. So if they introduce an option for more ques , I'll be more than happy , but if they don't do so , then also I'll prefer to keep a mum.
I well remember the days of infinite open questions (actually I think there was a limit of 5 per minute or something). Literally every day about 1/3 of the questions on OS were posted in bulk, by one user, who would then leave to go play video games while giving us their algebra homework. Once people realize they can just post their whole problem-set on OS they often take advantage of it. Then we mods have to decide to either let them clog up OS or delete them, which is a pretty drastic measure. Also people who would just post more than one at a time would not devote themselves to following the explanations. One person tries to help on one of their posts, and someone else helps on another simultaneously. The asker then cannot respond to questions like "how would you factor this?" or most attempts to engage them because they are flipping between questions. Often I would hear "I don't know how to factor it I'm doing another problem too" which is really annoying and shows that the student does not want to learn. Since implementing the new system that pretty much never happens, so I would not like to revert to the old ways.
well said @TuringTest !
TuringTest highlights many of the reasons we decided to use the format. That said, we've played with the idea of loosening the restriction in groups with less traffic than math. We'll see. @henpen We're not trying to force people to wait on a solution. We're trying to force them to focus on one problem at a time so they can get the most out of the tutoring they're receiving. As our traffic continues to grow, the amount of time you're required to wait is going to gradually decrease towards zero because there are going to be more users on our site able to answer. The delay is already pretty short for most types of questions during our peak hours. As we continue to grow things are only going to continue to improve in that area.
I misread anjali's post- I thought the questions referred to were others'. And yes, this has been irritating increasingly fewer times, so I suppose it would be a little selfish now to ask for a change. Thanks TuringTest for the stories of old, I am young and naive, not weathered in the history of Openstudy!
Interesting to see what happens with regard to this now that the dogs of multiple questions have been unleashed in mathematics.

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