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just another improvise....................i was so freaking bord

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lol tell me when you r done haha
are you planning on being an artist
My name is alex i come from the palace No im not royalty but ill f.........with loyalty Just a little niqqa straight from the island you should bow down kiss my feet and call me your highness. Are you mad Bro?i got you a ho she can take care of you and give you some dough. Dont like to brag but i keep my money in racks. I drive a brand new dragon i herd you drive a wagon. Only one question are you ready im your worst nightmare call me freddy.I play with you mind untill i see you die. They say im bright as the sun and im not even 21. I keep repeating to myself im clear as the water and like darth vader I AM YOUR FATHER. My niqqa ill sweap you like a storm are you well informed. This attack is lethal if i was you ill go hide like a weezle. At night i got to much SWAG i bright like a star and b!zhs know i go far. Even girls know i go hard they say my d!k is big and solid as a rock. ONE last thing to say why you gotta be so cocky lets have a fight yull be pug and ill be rocky . psssss i think i proved my point im so bord i think im gonna roll up a joint.peace out :)

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Other answers:

are you a rapper?
nah lol i just do it for fun
man you should try rapping for a living i know people who can help
haha really ive never try i do it to have fun
aww q cute. jk haha its good.
-.- haha funny you
man your like really good
nah i jusy do a lot of wrighting and think of words that rhyme
Its good
thats what every other artist does trust me i've live in music everyday my step dads a rapper my mom is a producer and singer
i sing and i can some what kinda rap
dude i'm telling you you've gotsome good talent
alex will yu spit with me ive been left hangin twice already and im bored lol
cool lol you know but i reallly dont know lol and bn ok lol
k ima start rite now hold up
:O (mouth open) W O W! <3 your a G ! I love it :) <3 maybe one day u will rap in my songs! :)
hahaha nah i jus wright for fun lol
well , u should do it for more than that! lol ur great!!
you ready? (: im ready ha You kids been waiting for this lyrical ballad the maddest spittin from the westside showcasing my lyrical talents pick up the mic like its a habit teaching yu hip hop mechanics flowing in with the bits mixed in with the blood of an aztec & nobody can stop me from putting these words together baby im keepin it hot like arizona weather makin weak mc's fall like they tipsy then suddenly they miss me and wana be my bestfriend no manches homie hit the backseat i dont play pretend and i play for keeps so read em and weep :D haha ok im done
woooooooooo nah you killed me right there hahaha holla people haha
aww dont be like that
i got something
ok ima teach u a lesson
come on chica :D
or alex
i'mma keep it pg all these dudes wanna be me try me please got all these people on they knees don't kill them please
hey i said kinda i suck
I'll never open the door, never pull out my chair You can tell me what your day was but I don't really care And if you ever get lonely, well sucks for you Cuz I'm gonna go off to a party or two Like whoa, I'm an ABG My tops are transparent and my skirts mini And when we're at school, you know where I'll be I'm off talking to every cute guy I see
I'll never go out without makeup on And inch of foundation from Celine Dion Wait, your card, I need the latest fad And when I max out well that's too bad We need to talk, hell yeah we do Where's my homework that you promised to do? Whatcha gonna do to make it up to me Go get me some trinkets from Tiffany's
hahaha well i aint (; the name is britani and let me tell yu im on a mission baddest mexicana still aint found no competition i aint even lyin girl ill tell yu thats a promise your letting out your rhymes but ill spit you out like vomit real talk yo i do it gangsta too your can come at me but baby your know your gonna lose (btw no beef intended this is all in fun ha)
^^ thats good lol
oh dammmm this got real haha let me get some popcorn
haha not even (x
i'm sick the craziest b you'll ever incounter my name is jordanay but that all i can ever really say i live in the a atlanta that is yes i am the sickest trick and i don't lie your all yall lyrics is fye but i keeps it simple
baby know that im the illest and yu can try to talk the talk but leva listen to this business while im kickin it off youngsters talk about guns but i was born with two fists i aint about that homegirl ima just empty out my lyrics like i got a full clip baby i can spit and i think you know it so just give up *heres your towel* go ahead and throw it (;
I like to say these rhymes, I do it all the time I make my own damn beat now all the money is mine I carry big fat mex girls, I treat them like guys. Could you be like me? I rap my none stop rhymes You will never hear pause when I say these lines. So girl straightin' up I'm still rappin' Comin' at you fresh. do you know what happened? I'm sayin' rhymes messin' with your mind I donn't want mex girls 'cause they really ain't fine I takek them to a motel could've been a hotel It costs me 20 dollars that all i spend for her. All you're gonna do is wanna rock this beat It's so rough so tough when I talk this stuff . When I get on the mic I can't get enough I'm the rapper of the season, fresh and decent. So you better come fresh and don't be fake All you weak mc's with your weak drum beats Tellin' all your people you can hang with me Count 1 to 10 count 10 to 20 and I'll just keep on makin' money Life is too short I don't stop I'm hooked on money like a junkie on top I got to make it every day, I won't go broke Ask me am I rich and I'll say "no". sorry bn lol peace people
so the prizes go to everybody in this b
sorry i realy like mex girls hahaha
you already got me comin at chu and this dont stop ima brown thug chica something yu could never think to top rhymin takes a lot not just throwin out your words baby you got no flow i caught you like a rebound i dont think your ready for mo' i put it down something yu know nothing about im waiting kiddo say something good please hurry up and spit it OUT Idgaf if yu wana mexicana IM REAL and yu a fake a$$ chavala you could talk about yoour money mijo thats hella funny you living with your momma talking bout how you can make a dolla pshhh your cute baby but come at me when you can learn something new (;
well i'm blindian
hahah it just got real :D lets go
im waiting..... lol
is this a rap war?
for fun tho
lmao yo why didnt yall tell me sh!t was goin down?
lol yu want in it?
nawh i dont wanna make any one cry
hahahaha please
ill handle you later im busy right now
yo im writing lol yo davian my rap to you is on the top lol
i got you lmao
alright alright we not making anyone cry now
um alex are you still thinking or wat? hahahaha
so where are you guys from?
az :D
well i live in atlanta
oooooooooooh vegas
i like vegas
I was supposed to be there today but NO my sister fell thru
oh i was eating lol
well hurry up
Awwwwwww I could have seen you :'(
i'll be right back i'm hungry
i know :(
ok i got you my cuusing helped me a little but is to hard imA ERASE IT QUICK LOL SO READ IT FAST
your cousin or cussing? lol
i'm back
wait its censored
alright nice
Like a fly I be on all kinds of sh!t Niqqas playin roles Goin thru all kind of scripts Take it to the head Im about that bread Getting to the paper Like some motha fqckin lead Ok you do it I done it You winin I won it I keep it a hundred It go down Plumb it Everyday I put in work Ive been real since day of birth They just wait for me to fall Like September man it hurts I say fqck em no relation The tops my destination The grinden never stops It has no expiration Man I get payed attention More than they get payed commission And I think its so ironic How these pu.ssies Just be b!tchen Im the boss Get to work I come in second That’s a first Never met defeat I always hung with victory Even with a ride Yall niqqas couldn’t get to me nawh
oh so mr @davian got some skillz too
just a lil ;D
lol You wish yu had me and could act like yu know What d!ck theyre aint sh!t to swallow whole lol haha your backs against the wall on your knees yu finna crawl come on mijo dont trip get up and fqckin stand tall lol you aint gettin no chicks yo hand is on yo d!ck while mines is workin on this diss<3 its about time live and let learn yu got no flow so next time just skip yo turn my mind is fully loaded babe my lyrics they are bullets so are you sure homie you think that you can do this? yu talkin all yho sh!t but meanwhile im the bad b!tch all this time you been tryin to hit so toughen up yong one and give brita a kiss<3
;* kiss lmao
damn davian yours was sick
nice you guys are good
thank you(;
*Britani thanks ;D
you know what ima leave these one for some other time ;)
sounds a little flirtatious
hahahahaah watever alex yu know i got yu beat
haha thats what you think babe ill let you think that ok muawwwww
where you goin? had enough dawg?
yeah gotta go pack im leaving at 4 in the morning
aight later dawg
yeah thats why it takes half an hour for a damn response lol (no offense) i know yu still young hahaha but ight well continue later
hey you guys i gotta go i had anice time bye
its that im slow typing on computer lol
bye Alex
bye people love you a lot yo my niqqa davin keep up the good work and bn i got yu hahaa im coming hard on you hahaha tkm anyways my little mex girl;)
lol hard is the only way to do it lmao
ight holla :)
you to later dawg ;D
i like it lol
daaaaamn homegirl is killin it ;D
"lol you aint gettin no chicks yo hand is on yo d!ck while mines is workin on this diss<3" lmao!! damn girl haha
damn @AlexPR787, you're good (: haha love you <3

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