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Can some help me write a satire

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lol sounds like fun! What should the topic be. I would love to help.
@lvasquev462 How come you haven't replied?
The topic can be Simpsons's

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Other answers:

is this for school or just for fun? btw honestly i dont much about the simpsons except its a tv show with yellow people. lol
Am trying to practice for the one thats coming up this is how the practice when is set up. i will attach the file.
ok looks pretty simple. fill in what you already know... the rest we will fill in as we go. Then pick one of these to start with . Politicians Police Business Leaders Church
lets do it togthere
well i prefer not to mock that. but it is your report
What should we do it on ?
ok lets choose
politicians is too popular... what do you think about police officers?
Yeah what should be the topic ?
well think of what we can make fun of about police?
there cars how tuff they thimk they are ?
their cars are tough! maybe donuts and coffee or maybe about a slow police officer or how police officers are to scared to fight they always use their gun??? you pick im here to help :)
How police officers are scared to fight and use their gun.
ok well give me some time to thing of a title... if you get one tell me
lol here is a good example for a police one it's funny
man i can't think of a good title!!!
nah that's too simple did you see the title to the other one? it explained what the satire was about.
yeah i seen it.
what should we name it
I actually just did this same exact thing for English in FLVS. I made a 100 on mine. If you hadn't turned yours in yet, you could look over it to get an idea of what you could do. Just remember you have to find something that is mocking something else. Like SNL making fun of the politicians. You could find something like that on YouTube. That's where I found mine.

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