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someone help, i need assistance in geometry!!!!

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what do you need to find out about it?

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Other answers:

whats the area for this thing
Ignore the gap. Find the total area of the box. then find the area of the empty space and subtract it from the previouse answere
any idea what the area is ?
Or find the area of each individual rectangle
Yes, I know the answer. Not telling you. Try figuring it out and I will tell you if u got it right :P
lol i need it because i have a lab due in an hour and i dont get this :/
9=a 11=b 4=c d=3 1st. Multiply a and b 2nd Multiply c and d 3rd. Subtract answer 2 from answer 1
well u have 2 squares each having aside of 4ft so the area of them will be a^2+a^2 = 2*a^2 = 2 2*4^2=32 To find the area of the recatiangle the formula is length * breadth the length of the rectangle is 11ft and breadth 5 ft so its area is 55ft. Add the first and second answer together and you get 87ft
No need to do any comp;licated stuff such as first finding out the area of the whole thing then subtracting the area of the gap. Don't work the long way, work the smart way!!!
how bout this one? whats the area plz
Finding the area of two objects then subtracting them is easier than simply finding the area of the 3 objects and adding them?
Depends.. :P
The option you suggest @robinfr93 requires more calculation and is less efficient. Only do what you need.
@robinfr93 whats this one?
nah!!! :P I beg to differ..
well you can do it in the same manner, i.e , divide it into a square and a rectangle and find the are or just do it hero's way by taking the whle as a recatngle and subtracting the area of the gap..
use your brain dude!! It ain't so hard!!!
My way: 4^2 + 4^2 + 5*11 Your way: 11*9 - 4*3 Okay, maybe yours is easier. But still
@robinfr93 im new to this thats why
@robinfr93 @Hero QUIT ARGUINGGGG
No one is arguing. It's called conversation
lol!!! :P hero you answer this in your manner and i'll do in mine @jrosa99 you can go for the one you find to be the easier one...
yes! :D
yeah!! I mean if you find this to be an argument wait till you see how they solve things in a scientific ministry.. :P
@fey ur the best, wanna help me with one more?
yup :)
last one i promise
@jrosa99 |dw:1348023537898:dw| Sorry its a lil outta proportion... :P
and im talking about my drawing.. Well in the first recatngle the length is 6 and breadth 5 and in the smaller one length is 3 and breadth 2.. Just use the formula of length into breadth adn add em together...
Sorry it took so long... It's hard to draw on this thing xP
im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lost :T
Not width. Heighth! Oops
add A+B+C
now add D and E
Mutiply the 2 answers together
hahahahha... :P why go through so much to solve something so simple?? anyways if you get it then gud for you,.. If you don't just ask.. :)
newho heros here to the rescue.. :P
@robinfr93 whats the answer then?
you wan't just the final answer??
Anyone who gives answers on this site will be reported
@fey message me
Okay, I'm just going to report both of you
hahahhahaha.. chill out hero my man!!! Its not the end of the world is it?? He wouldn't bother to learn even if you don't give it... :P
Thats beside the point. You don't help someone by giving the answer because then they don't learn anything. The purpose of this site is to help people learn.
Don't take it personally. You're completely right. They aren't going to learn anything.
No one is arguing against that
well!! we did all that we could..
it wasn't that we didnt try to help him out..
we started off with clues and a small walkthrough.. But he was just too ignorant to use up his brain... your argument is pointless provided that your thinking from the wrong perspective..
That doesn't justify giving the answer
Dude!! ive been through such situatuions myself..
Its more or less his teachers fault that he /she dsnt teach the guy well.. and then throws assignments at him which he has to come and ask help for here at the last moment..
Key word is "help"
you know the original poster can read this (/.-)
I suppose from your point of view giving answers = help
in a situation like this.. could be...
anyways i wasn't aware of this term of the site.. So i apologize for it..
Okay, so at what point does it become cheating?
Yeah, the code of conduct link is so small no one can see it:
LOL!! :P yeah its not even on the top screne or anything.. :P My BAD!!!
So are we Cool?? cause I really didn't know about this!! And I mean REALLY!!!
Don't worry. @callisto will clear it up for you.
ohkie!! :P
So, discussion ends. We encourage helper to guide the asker reach the answer his/her own, and discourage giving (direct) answer without involving the asker in solving the problem. Anyway, don't give the answer.
Got it mate!! :)
Got it!

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