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Hi, could you please help me with this math worksheet? I took pictures of each of the sections and shortened the image links using TinyURL. (As I mentioned before, I can't post files directly onto openstudy right now). Image 1: Image 2: Image 3: The links are NOT spam. Thanks.

I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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help. i beg you.
@Hero help please

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Other answers:

@saiberz,please help
so will you help me?
it is very urgent.
do you know how to change decimal to fractions...fractions to decimals and things like that? see if this site will help you to automatically calculate them
yes gdog.
for a lot of things you type into google for example i typed in "greater than and less than calculater" and it shown that
okay, but can u help me though? work them out?
without using online calculators?
because i tried that about 34 times, and nothing useful came up.
sure lets start with first one from what i can see it would be easier to change 3/4 to a decimal so that you can compare do you know how to change fractions into decimals
ok than what is 3/4 in decimal form?
thatd be .75
now do you know how to change decimals into percent?
what do i do.
.75 move the decimal point over to the right two spaces that would make 75% right?
ok so then change the first question to 75%______70% so is it < or >
let me write it, 1 minute or less.
right so the answer to the first one would me >
-writing down as fast as possible-
what are you writing down as fast as possible
the answer.
im so happy someone came to my rescue.
ok what is \[\sqrt{256}\] simplified
.5..... a long decimal.
no did you type into a calculater and press the square root sign
plz wait, let me c.
yeah 5.09...
im getting 16 are you sure your putting 256
ooo i put 26 for some reason
oh lol so now we know that is 16 so 16______16 which is?
whoops i started off at number one and went to number 3 on your worksheet
s fine :)
exactly now number 2 can you type the numbers in here because my screen is fuzzy and im not sure if it negatives or not
ok now which number do you think you should change for example a fraction to decimal or decimal to fraction?
mm, decimal 2 fraction.
also, #2 was =?
are asking for the one we jsut did or the one were doing now if so yes it is = for number 2 and 3
= for the previous?
because -0.6 is -6/10 simplified it goes to -3/5
and this. k. u are so awesome!
i like ur pic btw
ok so #1 is > #2 is = and #3 is = and thx :)
do you think you try #4
ok,ok'ok, thanks ur welcome.:)
ill try.
but i beg u, dont leave.
i won't lol im just switching tabs back and forth
i got <
good job :)
wait no it i think is = because 2/3 is 0.666666
but then there is a seven at the very end
yea,mm, let me c...
k, .gg is 33/50
i did cross multiply
cosketch* go that and it automatically checks so it is > not <
ru leaving ? :(
no my computer is freezing up so had to reload the page
o. mine does that sometimes.
for #6 i got >
my laptop starts to over heat and freeze up i need to get one of those fans that go on the bottom of it and that is correct
lol. ok thanx
also, where u live what time is it?
11:30 pm
how about you
10:30, would u be ableyo get on at 6:0 am tomorro?
ableyo? huh
able to.
sorry when im typing a reply it blurs.
i can try to but not guaranteeing because i slept till like noon today but i can try to
okay. thanks.
anyway, im trying to get as much done as possible right now,
i strongly dislike math.
so, i really need help on #s 7-10.
ok i will help then :)
cuz, xc the sq root?
i can't see them
tnx :)
ill type them
kk type them in one at a time
1. 7. 3/8,-30%,-0.35,38%,1/3.32%
are you supposed to put them in order?
the 1., ignoremit plz
greatest--> least.
ok i think it would be easiest to change them all to percent soooo 3/8---->37.5 % -30%--->-30% -0.35-->-35%
did you get my message?
1/3---->33% 3.32%-----3.32% and yes but my laptop loads faster on here
oh the last one is 32%
then just order them up
let me try, you check.yes?
well i have them all in percent for you so it shouldn't be to hard
gtg. u have time to helpme onnthe others?
ill check back on the question tomorrow.
it is just that this is very wurgent.
i will try to get on at 6
okay. so, thatd be 5 for m no?
well try some of them out yourself it looks like your getting better at it just the main thing is that you have to change all of the to percent or deimal or fraction and then it gets easier and six where i am so i guess five where you are
k. cu! and ill try ssome.:)
ok ttyl
ttyl :)
ill leave the question open.
im not totally sure if i will be up at 6 tomorrow because of how late it already is so this is basically easy if you can't figure out how convert them from fraction to decimal, decimal to fraction, etc. just type into google "change3/5 into percentage" (or whatever you thing you change) and the answers should pop right up sorry i couldn't help more
no what actually since its almost three i will just finish staying up lol and i would help you answer them now but most of them are too blurry
hi, please help.
could you please open the links?
hi im sorry i fell asleep with the laptop on me listening to music and i didn't wake up until about nine so sorry

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