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i need some one to show me step by step how to do this /4c-2/, c= -3 it's Absolute value

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plug in -3 for c, what do you get?
let me see :)
-14 ?

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Other answers:

is that right ?
right, the value of the expression inside the absolute value is -14. But, what does absolute value mean?
examples of absolute value |x|=x |-z|=z |100|=100 |-345|=345 etc etc etc
i'm sorry an you explain more
Do you know the definition of absolute value?
i'm sorry i don't
Absolute value is the numerical value of a number without considering the positive or negative sign. So, the absolute value of 10 is 10. The absolute value of -2 is 2. It is just the value of the number. It is always positive.
o ok so the "-3" is just a 3 and not a "-3 " so the answer would be 14
You are half right...
Let's back up...
"-3" is still -3. That doesn't change. The problem says that c = -3. So, c = -3
But, the problem says that you have to find /4c-2/ when c = -3
So, plug in -3 for c just like you did before, /4(-3)-2/ = /-12-2/ = /-14/ So, when you plug in -3 for c, the expression equals /-14/. But, the absolute value of -14 is 14.
o ok thanks man were did you get the ? /-12-/ + /-14? ?
Where did I get -12???
yeah :)
-12 is the product of 4 and -3
When you plug in -3 for c, you multiply 4 x -3
o i see now wow xD thanks man for all of your help
You're welcome. If you have time, try these to make sure you know how to do absolute values: Find /4c-2/ when c = 3 Find 4/c/-2 when c = -3 Find 4c - /-2/ when c = -3
ok awesome man thanks i will do :)
|4c - 2| Do you know how to use the shift button @teic85?
No, how does that work?
Hold down the shift button when pressing the \ key
Oh I see, I was simply using the same notation as "sup"
Thanks for pointing that out, though :)
Hold down the shift button when trying to post || absolute value symbols
Like this? |4c-2|
Isn't there a keyboard shortcut for superscript too? Might come in handy for exponents
i am stuck on this one -/-10-z,/z =-3
i got 30
but i think it is wrong
Ok, rewrite the expression after plugging in z = -3
Also, use |, it's the key above the enter key. You must use the shift key
-/10 (-3)/ like that ??
Nope, you are using /. Press shift and \
lol you're teaching people already @teic85
And no, the expression is missing a minus
i no clue what the shift thing is lol xD
lol yes @Hero, that's the purpose of Open Study right? :D
haha ok, @Sup_open~study . Let's focus on the problem first.
i think i am so post to - it and not x it ?
Correct, you have to subtract z not multiply You wrote -/10 (-3)/ The original expression is -|-10-z|
Be careful, you also missed the negative in front of the 10
o i see yeah i was writing it wrong xD
Rewrite the expression after plugging in -3 for z
-/-10-3/ = 13 ?
z = -3, but the expression is -10 MINUS z. So, it should be -10 - (-3) which is actually -10 + 3
so it's 7 ??
What is 7? You are jumping ahead... :)
sorry xD
haha it's ok :)
When you plug in -3 for z, you get: -|-10 - (-3)|
That look about right to you?
yeah thanks :)
Ok, so we know that minus -3 is actually +3. So rewrite the entire expression with +3 in that spot
ok so it's -|-10 - (3)|
Not quite, Minus -3 is +3. So, it is -|-10+3|
a negative and a negative make a positive
o i see but how would i solve that ??
ok, well now that that pesky z is gone, we can just focus on what is inside the absolute value. What is -10 + 3?
- 7 so it's just 7 ?
The absolute value of -7 is 7. Yes.
o ok i see now but on the answer for the study guide he put -7 why not 7 ??
What's in front of the absolute value?
i can't tell what you are looking for sorry but he had like a -1 -10 + -7 ?
This is the expression: -|-10+3|. What is in front of the absolute value?
a negative
So look at this... |-7| = 7 What is -|-7| ?
Since the negative sign is in front, it makes the expression negative. So -7 is the answer.
-|-7| is different than |-7|
o so it's just 7
No, it isn't just 7.
The expression in your problem has a negative in front like this, -|-7|
So, the absolute value of -7 is 7. But, then you have to add the final negative (the one in front). So, it's -7
ok so when you have the - in front of the problem the answer is most likely going to be a - ???
Don't think "most likely". You'll get the wrong answer. That's just guessing.
Think about this... what is -2(1 + 3) ?
Right. The negative in front changes it to negative. So, when you have a positive number times a negative number you get a negative.
o i see so when you change the answer to positive the negative will times it and that will make it an negative ?
The same is true for absolute values. The negative in front of -|-7| is like multiplying -1 times |-7| (what your teacher had in your notes)
o i see thanks man you have been a huge help i may have failed my test tomorrow if it was not for you
I'm glad to help. Just be careful not to forget negatives. They matter a lot.
yeah i know i got to keep on practicing those xD
Exactly. If you practice, you'll get more comfortable. Eventually, you'll be able to do it in your head :)

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