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3. Which statement below is NOT true? (1 point) Deforestation makes soil vulnerable to drying out. Deforestation results in loss of roots that stabilize soil. Deforestation prevents desertification. Deforestation decreases biodiversity. 4. Of the following, which is the most likely consequence of a manufacturing plant dumping its chemical waste into a nearby stream? (1 point) increased oxygen levels in the water decreased flow rate of the stream loss of a keystone species an algal bloom

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Hmmm are there any particular bits you don't understand? Anyway for the first question here are some clues: -Soil drying occurs when the soil comes into contact with sunlight -Forests have lots of strong roots -Desertification often occurs when trees are removed and -Biodiversity is a measure of species, forests contain lots of species! Which answer do you think it might be? :)
forestation results in loss of roots that stabilize soil. i think this one
Nerd123, sorry - that question was directed at Mojomaker, so he could work out the answer :) Though unfortunatly your answer is wrong...

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Other answers:

I was thinking A
sorry but a is true
Don't forget the question asks which statement is not true, so which one wouldn't deforestation cause. Deforestation does cause the soil to dry out as the removal of trees exposes the soil to sunlight
Nerd123 - read over the question carefully :)
ohhhh its c
Yup! :D
iinkyeah its c
Okay, the next question is a tad more complicated but I've tried to give you some clues here :) -increased oxygen levels in the water (not sure how to describe this answer. Oxygen is usually coupled with respiration in the water and the "churning" of the water, if something covers the water the oxygen levels of that stream will decrease) - decreased flow rate of the stream (Could be effected, flow rate usually changes when you increase the input (rainfall) or change the stream shape or texture) - loss of a keystone species (A keystone species is a species that is important for ecosystem function - this could be lost, but not necessarily) -an algal bloom (This occurs when there are more nutrients are put in the stream than there normally are)
you are taking a test
im guessing the answer is D
You would be correct :)
hahahahahh nice mojomaker
ty, i really apreicate the help u guys
No worries - I'm glad you are trying to work it out too :D
yeah ok he has another question lets answer that
(brb! I have to go deal with something for a min)
yeah ok go
Is anyone in Algebra A for CA?

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