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Anyone taking this as part of a high school econ class? Gruber lectures better than I do, so my students are watching his videos and doing his problem set. I'd love to know if anyone else is doing something like this so I can learn from their experience. -- I've taught econ for years and will help answer questions in return for advice from students who have done this kind of "flipped" class before. Thanks! Mike

OCW Scholar - Principles of Microeconomics
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I'm considering the creation of an AP Microeconomics course based on these materials, but the course will not be offered until next fall. I'm intrigued by the "flipped classroom" possibilities (readings and watching lectures for homework, discussions and problem sets and supplements in the classroom). I'd love to hear about your experiences as you go through your course.
I gave my kids their first taste yesterday. Seniors, they wigged out saying, "This guy's from MIT. We're not that smart!" They really want me to explain it to them, because they like my style and are asking me, "Dr. A, why don't you just explain it to us?" So far I haven't gotten them to see that 1) Gruber has forgotten more than I've ever learned about economics, and his class is much more richly and carefully crafted than mine could ever be and 2) there really will be a benefit when they are working problems in class where I can help right away instead of at home where they are alone when stuck. The sales job is proving to be much more challenging than I thought it would be! Teens are such fascinating creatures! :) Mike
I'm really intrigued with your experiment and would be interest in updates as your year progresses. Good luck!

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I'm following this curriculum for an Independent study in microeconomics and game theory (that half will be a Yale Open Courses course) since my secondary school doesn't offer economics. Also hoping to take the AP in the spring and earn credit.

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