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Solve: 14=8-6r

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14=8-6r -8 -8 _________ 6=-6r /-6 /-6 ________ r=-1
do you understand the steps?
no :-/

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Other answers:

ok you have to isolate the variable so basically get the the variable on one side with the numbers on the other side 14=8-6r -8 -8 ________ 6=-6r (you would subtract 8 from each side because you have to the the oppisate because 8 is positive on the right side and you want to get the eight on the right side so far do you understand?
you have to get the eight on the left side sorry mistype
omg i get it now... thanksss much!!!
do you need me to finish exaplining the steps or do you got it from there? and your welcome:)
i got it from here but u were awesome help... my teacher should just say it like how you say it... lol!
but wait... what if it was addition... do i add 8 to both sides
lol yeah teachers can get quite frustrating with that...that is why i use the internet if it confuses me instead of asking for help because you can find much simpler explanations if you look in the right place glad i could help:)
no you would subtract you would do the opposite of
but we subtracted just now ... thats not the opposite
14=8-6r -8 -8 ok which side are we trying to get the eight to in this equation?
yes and since the eight on the right side is positive you would do the opposite because you want to get rid of it from the right side which would mean cancel it out so 8-8=0 right? that would then mean there would be a 0 on the right side and a zero does not mean anything in this particular equation so you would get rid of it
then we get 6=-6r make sure you remember to keep the subtraction sign which turns into a negative sign because you did not cancel it out yet
the reason why i am asking in because of this eqaution here... 9+4n=-59
which you like me to work through this equation too with you so you understand more
i was going to add 9 to both sides
yes please!!
9+4n=-59 -9 -9 __________ 4n=-68 ok we would subtract 9 from both sides because now in this one we have to get rid of the nine on the left side so 9-9=0 right. The main thing in these types of equations is simplifying and canceling out numbers. Understand this part?
im not to sure if i do... are u saying the 9 is subtracting because its a positive number?
yes we have to do the opposite in that step but once you get to where it would be for example 4n=8 or 8n=16 you would just divide by the regular number like 4n=8 /4 /4 n=2 03 8n=16 /8 /8 n=2
those are just examples have nothing to do with the problem we are doing now btw
now for the next step in the problem we are working on so that leaves us with 4n=-68 /4 /4 _________ n=-17 Now we divide four on both sides to get the 4 off of the variable because division un does multiplication
okay so if a number we trying to get rid of is negative... do we add it to the other side ... do we subtract all the time
if the number is negative we add if it is positive we subtract but remember that only goes for addition and subtraction
what do you mean by that only goes for A and S
as i showed in the examples: 4n=8 /4 /4 n=3 or another example -5n=10 /-5 /-5 n=-2 it only work for s and a because usually in m and d the numbers are next to variables which mean 1 times a if it is 1a and i don't why but that is just how it is :p
okay... tell me if you are tired of me and want to leave...
i have a hard one though
lol its fine i have my own homework to stay up to do because i take all online classes so i mostly do my work at night so anyways what the next problem :)
3|4-1|2n=5|8 wtf is this...
lol now those are absolute value equations do you know what absolute value means?
im sorry... idk why i typed it weird... those are actually fractiopns... lol...
oh lol well then they are not absolute value equations they are normal equations still
so the problem is 3/4-1/2n=5/8 right
i guess u can say that
yes... three forths - one halfs...
what grade are u in tho
ok basically the easiest way to do this is change all the denominators the same
omg... im in the 11... (shaking my head) i feel so under educated
lol its a fine im a year ahead in math so that might be why im in algebra 2
oh okay... im sure they have a spot for you at but anyways
idk if i see all of it... how did u get 8
it doesn't matter if you change the fractions because eventually they allsimplify down to the same thing and makes sure both the top and bottom are in times by the same number for example in 3/4 i times it by two because you want the bottom number a 8 so i times it by 2 so two times 3 is six and 4 times 2 is 8 andddd i was explaining by the way
the easiest way is pick a number that all of the denominators can turn into in this case it would be 8
ohhh like the leas common denominator!!! i just kinda figured it out
yes good job lol :) can you guess what comes next because now it will be pretty easier just like regular numbers
do you need help?
yea do u have to multipy the numerator by 2
nooo im not sure where you are getting the two from but hold on let me show you real wuick how to do it
6/8-4/8n=5/8 -6/8 -6/8 (do the opposite) ________________\ -4/8n=-1/8 (simplify and keeps the subtraction sign which turns to engative cuz not canceled out yet) and then -4/8n=-1/8 /4/8 /4/8 _____________ what do you think n equals ?
use this site for a fraction calculator
okay and thanks so very much for your help... i kinda have to go now... u were great tho... so thank and see you lata
your welcome ttyl :)

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