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Another Idea(s) : i) \(\textbf{Tags in chat}\) ii) \(\textbf{of course , notifications of tags in chat}\)

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I am thinking of something an idea of having a function like "tags" in chat as we have in comments ..
Usually we want to invite someone into talk related to ... "any topic/discussion/anything" In that case if we tag the person, then the person gets into chat whenever he/she gets time.. and looks into that.
for example "I" tagged @cshalvey there in chat and then he gets automatically notified about the invitation in chat? ? ;)

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Other answers:

maybe the notification should also show the message directed to them assuming the message is in the same sentence as the tag
Very right as the chat may proceed and we are not able to find the message .. so that will also be included..
don't think tags in chat is good idea..... if someone tags me against my will, that too again and again...what will i do ?
Someone can only tag if you have fanned him/her ? ? or that is less annoying than that of getting updates of a question comments?
have an option to enable or disable tag notifications
Notification Settings exist, my friend.
@hartnn: I hope you haven't been accepting all those tags and messages thinking that there is no option to disable them. ;-)
and that's why this is a *good* idea according to "my" opinion.. what do you think now guys..?
No problem hart... ;)
I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of features in chat, and your idea was included in my proposal.
for example ? @ParthKohli
As I said, all those would be included in my proposal.
Oh misunderstood that, sorry :(
We've considered this in the past. It was actually a part of our original specification for mentions, but we decided to scrap it to wait and see how mentions are used first. There's always the chance that this could make an appearance in a future release. We're certainly not opposed to the idea, it just has a handful of problems associated with it that we'd need to engineer around first.
We also consider it more ripe for abuse than mentioning in questions and replies. That said, we could implement a more limited form that would, say, turn the chat flash to a different color than orange, rather than issuing a site-wide notification.
I understand the problem of luck for your work .. *sirs*
I believe what you're looking for is called a, "message."

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