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Haha so this is about religion huh....:) Here is my question, When do you think humans are going to realize that fact that religion is just a bunch of crap???

HippoCampus Religion
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I really Do not think religion is a bunch of crap,, you have to belive in who you belive in and keep it going,,but more to it than what you think.. ;)
You do not HAVE to beilieve* in anything or anyone. Who said you HAVE to?
believe my bad

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Other answers:

religion is not just a bunch of crap , it is a slavery of minds.
Then what do you guys believe then?
no comment alright;)
okay okay I respect your decision, but it doesn't hurt to research about. =D
You have to believe in something, like some people don't BELIEVE there is a God, or people BELIEVE the world will end in december, that kind of stuff. Sorry for imposing this on you guys. You don't have to answer
i dont believe in any gods ,
math_crasher I see your point, but what kara-13 was implying was that you HAVE to believe in god and you really don't in any way. I am glad this got comments!
Yes that is true, you do have a free choice.
Who decides if religion or true or false? Who pulls the strings concerning the reality we live in? People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That's how they define "reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? Merely vague concepts… their "reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?
yo u people are mad who the f created you how did the world came to be no the big bang theory i say science is crap one day u will all see who God really is just saying
Alex, how do you know God exist?
because i have personall expiriences with him im not cracy lol but ive seen a hole bunch of stuuff like impossible
Fair enough. Which God do you believe in?
well i bealeve in jesus its complicated cuss we bealeve that GOd sebd jesus his only son to eart to die for our sins so yeah
so what do you bealeve in?
Well, I believe that there is a God, we just don't know who he is. Did you know that Jesus is originally from an ancient Egypt book, and that the Bible appears to be a copy of the God named Horus?
no they say that but nah ive seen legs grow like there as this guy that he had one leg longer than the other and they grew like perfect i was like wow
I have my opinions, you guys have yours, I think that I am right and this world is blind that god does not exist, and you think I am nuts to think such a thing.
so u trying to say is?
u think god dosent exist?
Yes hense my question up there.
well ok why dont u bealeve?
There are too many things that can be proven wrong about it.
well true but ik God exist cuss ive seen stuff and had expiriens=ces with him so yeah and im no crazy its the truth
See you really cannot prove to me that he is real. Try to prove to me that he exists.
ok lol but we cannot see each other lol i can tell you stuff and show you videos .?
people say he dosent exist because they don't see him people have to see something in human form to say he is real well wrong its not like that
See that is why I do not believe anyone is telling the truth. I think that people are brainwashed as kids, like the mormons for example, and told certain things. If you were raised from birth to 21 years of age and tolded that 2+2=5 and your parents and teachers and your whole family told you that, and to not let anyone ever tell you otherwise, you would believe that 2+2=5 no matter what anyone ever told you. Werid example I know, but it makes my point.
i get your point and i was like you i told myself what if there is no God what if its just all a lie but then one day i went to church and i dont tell anyone my stuff they called me up front and the women starts praying for me then she tells me why u say i dont exist i was like what?why u you doubt i am real i saw how one boys leg grew to normal size in my face how could that happen and im not lieing
so yeah hope u one day bealeve God exist i dont wannaa force u to it cuss its not cool but yeah you will find out by yourself take care
See I have the hardest time believing that. I am not ganna say you are stupid blah blah blah, but I do not believe you, only because I do not know you and that it seems to me like it was a figment of your imagination or you were dreaming about and that it seemed very vivid, or you could be lying to yourself, etc etc. I just see so many flaws in god, jesus, the bible, praying, ra, etc.
Well, when are people like you going to respect other people's decisions? Or how about this, if you think religion is a bunch of crap why are you so concerned about what others think about it? It's ignorant people like you that make religion crap. I don't really care whether you believe in God or Allah or whatever, I just think that you're ignorant. So maybe let others believe what they want and you believe what you want. I really do hope that one day you figure out that religion is some people's escape from this messed up reality that we all live in. Remember that you live in the United States where people can say whatever they want so I'll give you you're freedom of speech but at the same time don't be so ignorant in saying that people who do believe in God are nuts. I'm not completely disagreeing with you but at the same time, you just come off as ignorant.
no one said you have to,, some people have to get there sentence correct,, and I say what I want to when I get ready you feel me okay(number#1 stautus;).......~Takara-pretty...
Alex.....u said God Said....Jesus is Only His Son and u believe Jesus as God..) Seems Funny..)
to some people, God is the same person hence, The Holy Trinity @Yahoo!
yes we have to respect what other people have to say..
people is funny god is real to me I am a christian so sorry;)
jordyn77 i believe you when you say that religion is some people's escape from reality . i am just more interested in reality
lol its hard to explain but i just gave my opinion i respect your opinion so yeah i know there is a God and one day he will come its your choice to follow there are always 2 paths to follow there is bad and good .
Like I said not forcing this matter on you guys, but if we believe in the big bang and the universe was an accident then we are all pieces of nothing waiting to die and the lives we're living means nothing. Then what is the meaning of life? I don't mean to offend anybodies feelings, pls do tell me if I'am. Thank You
Well, that's really where people's interpretation of "Do I belong?" or "Why am I here?" come from. It's just really all up to your interpretation
To some people religion isn't "just a bunch of crap" even though I, myself am an atheist it was my grandmothers strength in her faith that kept her alive for as long as she has. But I'm not sure if they ever will come to think like we do.
So anybody can believe what they want when it comes to where they came from and it doesn't matter where we came from, all that's important is that we have fun and die and cease to exist right? Is that why were here? So then where do you think where we came from? Or do you try not to think about it?
Hey jeans123
That it is what scientists are trying to figure out that is what religious people are trying to figure out that is what everyone is trying to figure out that is part of the fun
No I think you know that Christians know where we already came from.
It is not you "know" where you came from, it is where you "think" you came from. Just like I should have said my question differently, so it does not sound like I am right and everyone is wrong, my opinion stands though I "think" people are blind that he does not exist. You "think I do not see it yet.
That's pretty sad, but not to offend your beliefs. What am I trying to say is that what if I'm right " just a (what if)" and your wrong. What will happen after you die if I was right? I don't mean to hurt anyone with my conversations.
^ true
In my theory, wrought in the ground like the rest.
Oh okay think what you guys think and i think what i think..
There is no way you are right math_crasher. And to answer your question, we will either go to Heaven or Purgatory, or Hell. Those are the only places you can go, period.
@Mrfootballman97 I think you are wrong. I believe in what you believe in there being only a heaven and and hell but there are others who don't believe what you believe and you can't change that. If they don't have the same belifs as you, that gives you no right to say that they are wrong. They're not wrong they're just on a different mindset.
OKAY WHAT VER IT IS WHAT IT IS.. you guys belive what yall belive. I belive in my lord and personal savior jesus christ and that is all that matter.. DONE WITH THIS..
Okay. First off, whether you want to believe that religion is a bunch of crap is your choice. We have freedom of speech in this country but we also have freedom of religion. So, I would prefer if you would just let people think for themselves and believe what they CHOOSE to believe. I for one believe there is a God. But, I also accept other peoples religions and have an obsession with Greek and Roman Gods. I see nothing wrong with people believe in Supernatural beings. I also believe that if there can be demons that there can also be ghosts. A lot of people might not agree but that's their opinion and what I've written here is mine.
The problem isn't what people believe in, the problem is when people pester you into joining their religious clubs and tell you have to subsidize their church (e.g. mormons, jehova's witnesses, etc) or try to enforce their-deeply hypocritical- "moral" views on other people's lives and behaviour-specifically by manipulating the law (e.g. gay marriage, etc). I think its illogical to speculate on the existence of god(s)-i agree that our ability as humans to perceive signals from the natural world (e.g. we only see in the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which is a very small percentage of all radiation) is very limited-and interpret things we don't understand as "the work of god". I can't dwell on a baseless notion (spoon-fed to us by our families and the media since birth) when there are so many things on earth and so little time. Math crasher said "what if god exists?", i can reply "what if he doesn't and you've wasted years following blindly the word of another who's interests is your well-being a heart, instead of harvesting emotional relationships or pursuing personal achievement". And if there is a god, were certainly not "made in his image" and he/she/it will certainly not "judge" us when we die. The universe is just too large for us to be "chosen".
It's extremely foolish to go around life not caring about how the world got here, you could say it's just as foolish to think it was an accident.
In reply to "What if he doesn't and you've wasted years following blindly the word of another who's interests is your well-being a heart, instead of harvesting emotional relationships or pursuing personal achievement" If He doesn't exist, it doesn't matter what we do on earth, does it? Because apparently there's nothing after it, we might as well all just die now :)
"It's extremely foolish to go around life not caring about how the world got here, you could say it's just as foolish to think it was an accident." Who's saying that it was an accident? And of course we care about how life started, but we can't base our opinions on something that has no evidence (theological points of view) and ignore the actual factual information that we've found, specifically DNA. I'm just saying that if you blindly believe in a book for the mere reason that you were brought up with it by your parents, you should be able to assess it reasonably. Because it is no different than most other religions that have existed in the past, even scientology. "If He doesn't exist, it doesn't matter what we do on earth, does it? Because apparently there's nothing after it, we might as well all just die now :)" If god doesn't exist what does it matter what we do? lol i don't know about you, but i'm not on earth to worship some "mystical being". I'm here to live my life with my friends and family whom matter, it's about helping each other, not having to answer to some "higher power". I'm here to learn the way the natural world works through testable and congruent explanations which can reproducible. Can you say the same about religion? Has religion itself ever created an explanation for the way things are? No, they base their "facts" on a book, that anyone with a mere grade school education could understand that they are fictional stories. Do you actually believe that women can from Adam's rib, or that Moses parted the red sea, or that Noah put 1 of every animal (on earth) on a boat, made out of wood? To reiterate, I'm not on earth to answer to a socially-constructed idea that keeps the population from understanding how the natural world works with childish and lazy explanations. I'm here to live my life and understand what i can, and try to help people on the way. "why don't we just die now?" i mean, do you need an afterlife? do you need hope? what evidence is there for this claim? none, really. Why would you wanna die now if there was no god? that makes no sense to me.
Stop commenting on this. I'm getting stupid notifications. Listen, any assertion made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Now stop.
@Compassionate Please refrain from using that tone towards other users, it is not welcomed. If you don't want notifications disable them.
You're in no position to dictate my actions when they follow the CoC.
@aaronq "Do you actually believe that women can from Adam's rib, or that Moses parted the red sea, or that Noah put 1 of every animal (on earth) on a boat, made out of wood?" Moses: Adam and Eve and the rib: Noah's Ark: Yes, yes I do. Now do your own research :\
Stop it with the pseudoscience. It hurts my eyes.
@Compassionate by the same coin, you can't tell anyone to stop commenting.
@crazy4christj il look into them another time
If you're going to debate religion at least do it intelligently and not use 8th grade logic.
This question is ridiculous, it isn't even following the whole scientific process. You can't just say "Religion is a bunch of Crap" then say it is "your opinion" you need to actually give your evidence that supports your statement. A LOT of people believe in a God or Gods, and A lot of people don't. The thing about religion and the people that believe in it is that is it personal and isn't charted in the boundaries set by man. So stating that "religion is a bunch crap" is offensive and saying that it is a "Fact" is humorous. @Jeans123 youre going to meet people that are religious and youre also going to meet some that are not. You can't just go around saying things like that because it only shows how ignorant you are. In the US, the founding fathers were atheist, but they supported religion because it guided the civilization to a certain way of living which we see today as "right" I myself believe that religion started because man couldn't understand the world so they used mythical ways to explain it, as science evolved things were proven different. Religion helped civilization evolve. @Compassionate is right, there isn't a definitive "right" or "wrong" most of what we think is "right" or "wrong has evolved from a universal view that originated from religion. @UnkleRhaukus stated that it was slavery of minds, and I would assume he thinks that because religion in eyes of most people seems restricting. In my opinion people that simply ignore religion are being close minded to the way people experience life. Also most religions that I have studied tell their followers to act a certain way and be a certain way. Which I assume unklerhaukus thinks is restricting and isn't letting the people following that religion be the way they're supposed to be. And I understand that and I somewhat agree with that if I were born a different person. The first commandment i the christian bible is "Do not put other Gods before me" which states that there are more than one God. Jeans, I am not saying you HAVE to believe it, but you can at least understand it. I don't believe in a lot of religions but I understand it and respect it.
Yh i agree with u rina.r ......u should ask urself " who made u, why r u here, wht is the purpose of life and who have created all this things around u???? Bro i think u really need to search for the true and stop saying to urself tht a religion is a bunch of crap.
it would be really good if u watch this : it is a really good video which will help u to understand everything.
Thank you khadeeja i was also gonna put this video link over here to clear all the doubts about the meaning of life.
@Jeans123 You don't have to believe in anything but rather God is waiting for you to discover him. Religion is very serious and if you do not believe in God then how do you cope when you feel alone? Or forgotten? Or like nothing is turning out right? I can't imagine having to carry that burden alone. this video is incorrect. 1. The human body is NOT perfect, if it was we wouldn't need doctors. 2."No camera that can compete with the human eye".. cameras are MUCH more powerful than the human eye. Humans can see 1% percent of the electromagnetic spectrum, and we've built cameras that can see A LOT more than that. 3. "A computer can't compete with the human mind".. please stop talking.
excuse me ..u have no right to tell me stop talking caz i have the right to say wht i feel is right .....and by the way if u think that camera, computer is better than the human body ...than why cant the scientists make a body like human have since they have tried so hard to make one ....and who gives all this knowledge to human to make things such as a computer, camera and etc......think before u write will be better for u ...
I agree with u khadeeja and Miss aaronq i don't know which world do u live in i think u are just denying this reality for ur own satisfaction. Show me a proof that technology is better then human. Show me the proof that Islam is wrong? plus think who invented these technologies. You are saying this statement from ur religion point of view but think out side the box!!!. Think before u write, and i think u are old enough to search for a true religion. So i completely disagree with ur statement Miss AARONG a human eye can capture as well as save pic in a brain in 1 blink, a human have invented a computer then how come a computer can compete with human brain and when computer has error in it human are the one who fix them not computer it self. You have lot's of misconception in ur mind Miss aarong so clear them up, its good fro u. and also watch this video carefully if u don't understand this ask someone intelligent to help u explain this...
I believe there's some confusion here. I'm a Christian, and I KNOW that the human body is no longer perfect. In the garden of Eden, it was a perfect world that God created. Therefore, there was no death, sickness, or disease. The human body was perfect. But when Adam rebelled against God, sin came into the world, along with death and suffering. (The price of sin is death). Ever since that moment in time,our bodies have become less perfect, new diseases spread, and our intelligent levels decline. We are actually less smart today than previous civilizations. In a much shorter amount of time, they had terrific, complex technology. Just think of the pyramids! Yes, I know that the Egyptians didn't have iPhones, we only have them because we have a build up of 6000 years of technology and knowledge. But overall, the rate in which new ideas are invented is MUCH slower than past civilizations.
let me just tell u tht ..yes we might not have a perfect body or if technology is better than us ........but u see no one is able to make a body tht we have ........srsly we guys have to search for the truth and find wht is right.....
Okay, so you don't think we could be created, but you think that we could have evolved by chance to this complexity? Intelligence must come from intelligence. God is the intelligent being that created us, in the same way as we are the intelligent being who made the complex computer.
Well i understood wht u trying to tell but the thing wht i want to say is tht we can not be better than God and no matter wht we can not be like Him and He is the most greatest..........
Yes, I agree with you on that. But what side are you taking in this debate?
I'm taking the the Young Earth Christian Creationist side, just so you know
well i am a muslim and i just want to tell @jeans123 tht religion is not a bunch of crap and yes God does exist and by the way i respect all beliefs, religion and their thinking.........
and yh i take Muslims side ;)
First of all, i'm a male... now addressing some ridiculous claims: "excuse me ..u have no right to tell me stop talking caz i have the right to say wht i feel is right" i wasn't addressing you when i said "please stop talking", it was in reference to the video you posted which is pure propaganda. Additionally, please learn to to write properly i can't understand what you're trying to say. "You are saying this statement from ur religion point of view but think out side the box!!!" The irony in this statement just speaks for itself. By the way, I don't subscribe to any religion, thank you very much. I'm not going to sit here and refute all your points of view because it's futile, you won't change your mind and that's fine. Just know that you are wasting your time, you could be doing something much more productive than praying and worshiping magical fairies.
Can you address the more newer points? (Like mine or khadeeja?)
well we thought u r female ....since u have this girl pic ......and u said tht stop talking to the vidoe but its the same thing ...i put the website of the vidoe here so its like u telling the do u even believe tht there is a God? if u dont than im wasting my time talking to u...... and if u dont understand im writing then thts ur problem........

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