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Just a question to bring up. Do you think obama should get re-elected? Why or why not?

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My political leanings are more in line with Mitt Romney.
Why? Im not dissagreeing with you I just want to see your point of view.
Obamas policies are to "mothering" for my taste. I dont need someone to give me what I want. I need the freedom to make my own choices and be able to stand on my own two feet.

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Other answers:

I definately agree. He is running this country into the ground. (No Offense to anyone you have your right to an opinion)
I dont think that the country will change much regardless of whos in the office tho. I just dont ascribe to his philosophies on how to run it.
I sat down and watched the republican convention, and i liked its overall tone and message. I tried to sit down and watch the democrats convention and was disgusted by all the fear mongering that was thrown about. "If Romney is elected (insert something bad to happen)" Apparently, they want us to believe that a Romney administration would kill us all :)
lol that is funny
Yeah, for our own sanity and the safety of everyone involved, let's not go down this route.
(That involves me restraining myself significantly as well, just FYI :P)
well you have freedom of speech. i would like to know your point of view also.
What we allow to be discussed on this site has no bearing whatsoever on freedom of speech, as we are not operated by the government. This particular question is off topic for any of our subjects. As usual, you are free to bring it up in the chats, but we will keep chats civil, and any political discussion has a timer on it between when it starts and when it devolves into a flame war that we'll need to put down with extreme prejudice ;)
we can disguise it :) ... soo, howd you like those Mets last night?
We really need an Obama Feedback group on OpenStudy now. ;)
Thats what im saying
i think its called "economics"

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