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An overbroad question, I know. However, I'm beginning a comprehensive study plan following the MIT open courseware offerings with the intent to complete the typical courses an MIT on campus student would take in order to complete an undergraduate degree in Computer Science ... beginning next Monday. I was wondering if anyone would care to join me. I will be beginning with 18.01 (first semester mathematics) and 8.01 (first semester physics) which are typical for a first semester Freshman. My goal is to finish both and move to semester 2 by the end of December.
Computer Science
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Sounds like a venture worth blogging about! I'm sure many in the MOOC sphere would love to hear about how you do with the classes and such and what your skills look like toward the end. Not for me, but good luck!
  • anonymous
*grins* aye on the blogging. I've already setup a blog and posted my intended plans so it's "set in stone" as it were to help motivate myself to keep on track. That, and I setup a bitbucket repository to hold all my work along the way in case I ever need to refer back to it. It was either that or a billion 3 ring binders ... and I'm not a fan of dogeared 3 ring binders ;)

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