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8 5/8 and 10 2/3

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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus. Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis doloribus asperiores repellat.

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\[8\frac{ 5 }{ 8 }= \frac{ 8*8+5 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 64+5 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 69 }{ 8 }\] @vikayefremova
\[10 \frac{ 2 }{ 3 }= \frac{ 10*3+2 }{ 3 }=\frac{ 30+2 }{ 3 }=\frac{ 32 }{ 3 }\]
now area = length * width \[\frac{ 69 }{ 8 }*\frac{ 32 }{ 3 }= \frac{ 69 }{ 3 }*\frac{ 32 }{ 8 }=23*4=92\] ft square ...clear ??

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Other answers:

yes that is clear, thank you :)
:) you're welcome
@vikayefremova over here..that was too long lol ...let's begin here
hehe.. okay :D
1 Attachment
hey we have already done need to add powers ...bases are same
hmm.. i dont know why same questions appear in different assignments :/ this is weird
no could you forget the solution...this is weird
oh :D well i didnt forget exactly.. you are just giving me answers im gonna look over this though :P
i have explained steps too :(
yes i know :D
1 Attachment
yes :D
1 Attachment
you can do it
it's like the last question right?
oh sorry yes
okay :)
what is it? what you got?
okay.. thanks :)
fine, im gonna feel stupid again :(
1 Attachment
add the powers , please :)
okay.. wait a sec :P
\[3^{2+3+5}\] what you got?
i got 59049 ?on the calculator, it would be like this right.. 9*27*243?
that's correct but you have to write it as \[3^{10}\] okay?
just add the exponents
okay :)
its okay, im done :(
no, you are not
yess.. i really am :P
@vikayefremova is it n^3*n^4
\[n^3*n^4\] ??
if yes...the just add the powers...bases are same
\[n^{3+4}\] clear?
okay :)
i thought it was multiply :P
no for multiplication it should be like this \[(n^3)^4=n^{3*4}=n^{12}\]..okay?
okay :D
next? :D
really? :P
wait a sec
hello :)
yea ? :D
1 Attachment
anything to the power zero =1
so it's just 1 ?? :/
ohh.. :/
\[(10^{4})^0=(10)^{4*0}=10^0=1\] clear?
yes, thank you :)
|dw:1348746024258:dw| :/ i guess i should just divide
subtract the powers...cuz it is division
oh.. darn it! i got it wrong, againnnn :'(
\[\frac{ t^9 }{ t^7 }=t^{9-7}\]
thanks :)
again do the same 10^(9-5)
see it is general formula for this \[\frac{ X^a }{ X^b }=X^{a-b}\] clear?
a and b are powers
okay :D well i'm done now :)
1 Attachment
thank you! :)
was it containing 8 questions only?
yes this is a different one.. i told you i am done with the previous one :P
oh..that's next assignment please :D
they are all just math problems.. like these ones :P that we just did
1 Attachment
\[5.3*10^{-3}\] we have done it before ...haven't we?
nope.. i dont think so :/
yes we have,, well next ?
|dw:1348749125210:dw|is there like a formula to help solve this? for scientific notation? theres a lot of problems like this, i just need to know the formula.. like for this one
oh so.. all i have to do is multiply?
see you need to put number of zeroes after digits and the total number of zeroes will be that which is given in 1720000 decimal is placed before 2 digits so put it before two zeroes 17200.00=17200
you have to multiply that's it
and general formula for multiplication in power is \[10^n= 100000000.........n\] n number of zeroes in front of 10
ohh .. yes clear :)
what if the number is negative?
then but it this way one less zero in front of the digit \[10^{-3}=0.001\] okay?
\[10^{-n}=0.000000(n-1) 1\] one less zero in front of the digit but after decimal
wow!! correct got it
okay :)
but i am still confused on the last one.. what was the answer for that?? 17200?
see it's 1.72*10^(4)=1.72*10000= 1720000 then put decimal before two digits from the right it will be 17200.00
but thats not one of the options :( is it suppose to be written as 17,200?
okay you can write it as 17,200 zeroes after decimal is of no use 17200.00=17200=17,200
okay good.. :D
yea thank you
hehe.. noo, Thank You! :D
:) YW
question? :)
this question seems kinda easy but i dont get it :/ solve: 3t =9
\[3t=9\] now divide both sides by 3\[\frac{ 3t }{ 3 }=\frac{ 9 }{ 3 }\] what you got?
oh...right, that was simple :P yess clear :)
next ;)
Solve: -15 = 3b. ?
again divide both sides by 3
divide both sides?
okay :)
\[\frac{ -15 }{ 3}=\frac{ 3b }{ 3 }\]
do you divide -15 by 3 and 3 by 3? :/
yes, dividing on both sides means, dividing -15 by 3 and 3 on the right side by 3
alright, well thanks :)
multiply both sides by -4
28 ?
what you got?
that's correct
thanks :)
. A roller coaster descends a hill at a rate of 80 feet per second. The bottom of the hill is 400 feet from the top. How long will it take the coaster rides to reach the bottom?
see it covers 80 feet in a second so 80 feet ---- in 1 sec 1 feet in ----1/80 seconds therefore 400 feet in -----\[\frac{ 1 }{ 80 }*400=....\]
yep, clear thank you
1. Solve the equation below for y: y - 10.24 = 5.3
add 10.24 on both the sides
\[y-10.24+10.24=5.3+10.24\] what you got?
15.4? or 24
how come 24 :( ? it's just 10.24+5.3=15.54
i told you im bad at math :(
it's cool :) next
i think we have done this kinda problem before ....but let's have a look again
\[4\frac{ 1 }{ 2 }=\frac{ 4*2+1 }{ 2 }=(8+1)/2=\frac{ 9 }{ 2 }\]
solve for 3 3/8 now
\[a \frac{ b }{ c }=\frac{ a*c+b }{ c }\]
okay let me try :P
are you done?
nope :P
what are you fighting with
i am stuck on this question :(
\[3\frac{ 3 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 3*8+3 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 24+3 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }\] clear?
yeah i got that, but what do you do then? add both answers? cuz there are two problems
no, now see the next step
okay :)
your question looks like \[\frac{ 9 }{ 2 }=h-\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }\]add 27/8 on both sides \[\frac{ 9 }{ 2 }+\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }=h-\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }+\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }\] now what you got ?
ughhh.. :P
wait a sec
\[h=\frac{ 9 }{ 2 }+\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }\]
I am sooooo confused!!
help me :(
see -x+x=0 ...similarly (-27/8)+(27/8)=0 clear?
is this correct?
1 Attachment
see, \[h=\frac{ 9 }{ 2 }+\frac{ 27 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 9*4+27 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 36+27 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 63 }{ 8 }\]
now, if you look at option A which is 7 7/8 \[7\frac{ 7 }{ 8 }=\frac{ 7*8+7 }{ 8 }=63/8\]
so it's A
ohhh yeah, wow that was kinda hard.. but thanks :)
ha a ha haa ha aa aahahahahahahahhaaaa
this is embarrasing :( i feel stupid
no, you should be proud , you learned something :) feel good
thanks :)
1 Attachment
let's say number is X now subtract 3.4 which means X-3.4=-14.2 x-3.4+3.4= -14.2+3.4 x= ?
17.6 or 18?
-10.8 :(
you have to subtract 3.4 from 14.2
i thought you said to add sorry :(
for what lol?
for being stupid :P
oh come on ... next question ?
3. After a morning rain there was 3/4 inches of rain in the rain gauge. It rained again and two hours later the rain gauge showed 2 1/3 inches of rain. Write an equation to show how much rain fell in those two hours. Let r represent the amount of rain that fell.
A. r - 3/4 = 2 1/3 B. 3/4 + r = 2 1/3 C. 2 1/3 + 3/4 = r D. r + 2 = 2 1/3
well total reading should be like 3/4+r=2 1/3
is it right? :D
of course
thanks :)
again :(
haha yes, again and again :D
okay next?
Solve: x - 23.3 = 17.8
add 23.3 on both the sides
41.1 ?
thanks :D
huh :/
hehe :D
next ;)
i think your question is incorrect
yes it is.. i just dont know how to type it here, thats why i have to draw it :/ that is how you write it
is it \[9y=\frac{ 3 }{ 5 }\]?
yes thats it :D
so why to add...just divide both sides by 9
ohh divide? :P
what you got?
umm ???????? lol
how did you get that? :/
|dw:1350092173572:dw| clear?
clear, mr. smartie pants :P lol
yea yea ....liar ;)
hehe :D well, i think we are done here :P
yes.. :(
next? not just one, much as you are left with ;) don't worry
okay sure.. umm... Tamara can mow 2/5 acre in one hour. If her yard is 2 acres, how many hours will it take her to mow the entire yard?
2/5= 0.4 acre so 0.4 acre ---- in 1 hour 1 acre --- in 1/0.4 hours therefore 2 acres---- in \[\frac{ 1 }{ 0.4 }*2=5\]
okay well, thanks for all your help :) thats it
i know you're lying
haha lol how did you know? :D
seriously, that was the last question :P
because you are scrolling down the screen and there are a few more ....
well, just one more left :P
go ahead please
workers can paint 3/4 of a house in 1 day. How many days would it take them to paint 6 houses?
3/4= 0.75 so 0.75 house in 1 day 1 house in 1/0.75 days therefore 6 houses in \[\frac{ 1 }{ 0.75 }*6=8 days\]
alright thanks :)
yes..? :D
is this your question?
nope :P
then post the question please
1 Attachment
do you know what is the value of \[\sqrt{27}\]
see 5*5=25 so sqrt 27 must be around 5 but more than that....and 6*6=36 so sqrt 27 must be between 5 and 6 clear? @vikayefremova
alright thanks :)
same thing with this problem?
1 Attachment
\[-\sqrt{(456)}= -21.35\] so what does it look like?
D. ?
what about this one?
1 Attachment
fencing states for perimeter of the boundary okay? so now it's a square field so let's say length of side = X therefore X*X=2000 x^2=2000 x=\[x=\sqrt{2000}=44.72\] and perimeter of square = 4*X=4*44.72=178.88 clear?
what does it look like now?
c. ?
impressive ...yes :)
thanks :D
is this correct?
1 Attachment
because 2*250=500? right
wait i don't think so
really? why
whyyyy ?
why you thought it to be 2*250 ?
because in the last problem you multiplied 4 by some number and you got the answer.. i think thats what im suppose to do here.. but im confused :/
oh i multiplied by 4 because it was perimeter of square that is 4 * sides
ohh right! ... hmm , well what am i suppose to do here then?
i guess, it's kinda complex, because area of fringes is not given so i guess (side)^2=500 side=22.36 okay?
now 4*22.36=89.44 =90 i think this should be the right choice
so it's B.? i thought it was 22? which is A.? right..?
it's B as far as i know...but probably it could be A
clear ? lol
okay, well thats understandable.. thank you :)
wanna see something kinda funny..? :D
1 Attachment
this is the same question
i know.. i got the wrong answer.. it wasnt A :P
why did you tick A oh gosh
i told you it's B
don't worry still it's good 7 outta 8 :)
haha its fine.. :) thanks for your help :)
thanks :)
for what?
thanks for helping me :)
oh my kudos
do you know how to tell real numbers from rational numbers?
i think so , well every real number can be expressed as rational number let's say 'a' is a real number then in rational for it can be written as \[a=\frac{ a }{ 1 }\]
similarly, if you have to write some real number from rational number you can write it
okay, so then what is a irrational number?
numbers that can't be expressed in the form of simple fraction or any real number that can't be expressed as the ratio
also it cannot be represented as terminating or repeating decimals like 22/7
i dont understand :/
let's say \[\frac{ 2 }{ 4 } and \frac{ 22 }{ 7 }\] now we can see that value of 2/4 =0.5 which ends and terminates at 0.5 after division but 22/7 = doesn't end at all so 22/7 is irrational and 2/4 is rational clear? irrational means which never terminates or never ends after numerous division
ohh okay :D i understand now :) thank you
cool ..
listen to this please :) ....this has nothing to do with maths by the way :P
wait a sec :)
one more.. listen to this please :) i am sure you will like it ;)
haha :D
wait a sec
sure :)
i wish i could give you more medals :'(
hehe :)
yea yea :'(
and this is your favorite song, the one you'll be listening to for a while ;) haha :D
okay lets see ...wait let me listen ..sorry i couldn't see this know why
hahaha im sure you love this song ;)
heeyyyyyy :) love you so are such a sweet heart <3
listen to this ...hope you will like it
hahaha :) who is this??
listen to it first is the same the one you have posted :)
yes i know, i am listening to it now :) its funny :D
funny :(
never mind :(
yea yea :)
its nice.. :) that guy's voice sounds kinda funny.. but its cool :)
he is the same ..the one you have posted
really..?? i mean i know its the same song, but its not the same it?? he seems different
no they both are same..this song was first sung in a pub with two people listening to it...and then it was released on a broad scale ...and became on of my favorite ...because it has got something you know that :'(
oh thats nice, i didnt know that.. they just seem different :) thats all
hmm :)
@vikayefremova what is it?
wow !! wait a sec....
yep that is in russian :P sorry for my bad hand writing.. :P
it's amazing :) :) and extremely wonderful...but not more than the creator
thanks :P
<3 you
oh sure :) i love you too <3
keep this up mates lol

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