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Sam plans to setup a new laptop computer on his home network for his daughter. Sam wants to gather information about adding additional computers to his network and make the necessary changes to the network. How should he go about doing so? List the steps that he'll take to complete setting up the laptop to his network.

Computer Science
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Hello maybe you can help me
If I am not mistaken if Sam has a password set up for his home network then wouldn't he have to find his network and type the password in to retrieve the information
My answer may be stupid in some areas but here it is : 1)Buy the laptop. 2)Install all the required software on the machine (you can say in here that he asked his daughter what will she use the laptop for so that he can install all the necessary software). 3)If Sam already has a network set up at home that has more than a computer then i can safely assume that he also has a router.Considering that,he should log in as an administrator on the operating system on his router and assign a new private ip address for the new computer he's going to introduce into the network. 4)Sam should configure the software on the laptop in order to accept the ip address he previously assigned on the router. 5)Sam plugs in the laptop (because his battery just died....) and gives it to his daughter ( he gets hugged !!!) and watches her as she wastes her time on Facebook and Yahoo Messenger.... Well,hope this answers your question. However,if it did not or if you didn't understood everything i said,please message me and i will do my best to fill in the gaps !

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Other answers:

Oh,forgot to mention... If Sam bought a Mac,or any other Apple computer......well,....he can just plug it in (putting the joke aside, if,Sam has only one computer,he can mainly just plug it in ,as the majority of the ISP's nowadays offer DHCP,which rids of all the configuration problems ) all the other first computer users.....(now i'm a little sad,as Apple took away all the fun in watching the beginners when they get annoyed and smash their computer to pieces.... )
Well, the first part of the question says, "Sam wants to gather information about adding additional computers to his network...How should he go about doing so?" If Sam needs to gather info about HOW to add additional computers than I would send him to a bookstore, library, or Google. Once he reads the material he finds, he will have a list to follow.
Gathering information splits your answer in two categories : gathering information from the users or by doing research on the equipment.Gathering information from the users means simply asking them what will they use the machine for and/or if they have any favourite software for a certain task they will be performing on the machine Sam is installing(so that Sam knows what software he needs to install on that machine ).Gathering information from the equipment means Sam has to test his laptop in order to see if it's compatible with the technology he already has and then he needs to do some research on how to set up his new toy. That's all ! Cheers !

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