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is there anybody who goes to college

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if then can anyone tell me
how is it from high school
What does this have to do with math?

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Other answers:

are professors nice i mean will they help like teacher at high school
I don't knwo because I'm still in high school
there is no subject regarding colleges so .........math
college expects students to study 3 hours outside of class for every 1 hour in class
Learning takes place outside of the classroom. Many professors will use their classtime to present the required information So develop your study skills.
That's crazy... 3 hours for every 1 hour? Dang...
what if i have some questions
can i ask professors
yes, sometimes during class but alot of things are done with the internet. You can send questions to them through the internet
I don't go to college but I know that they are willing to answer questions
yes, if you go full time to college then you are expected to study for a minimum of 30 to 40 hours per week
@Balmonster what grade r u
you go to college to a degree in a field that you are interested in.............once you study a topic you like, you don't look at the number of hours you spend studying...........Many of us here can do math all the is our love of math that brings us here to volunteer our time to help others learn the subject we love
awsome precal wow
what did u take as major @precal
9th grade
i thought because at 9th all will be childish
no 9th grade is very important, it has a lot of weight to your rank in your class when you are a senior in high school. Take the 9th grade seriously, do your best
Every grade is important, but the higher up you are the more serious it is because it is closer to the end of school and the start of your adult life. College is not for everyone, and it also depends on which college you go to when it comes to the Professors. Some are nice while in other colleges they are not.
9th grade is too hard :(
well if u study nothing is impossible
or hard
Just don't give up on 9th grade, it might be hard but all the work will pay off.
wow havin u r really good convincer
That is why I spent my special sunday aftrnoon studying for the 5 tests I have next week... Man, 5 tests...
I went through High school thinking the same thing, but then I got a letter in the mail from the National Society Of High School Scholars and Who's Who Among American High School Students. Both saying I was part of their deals because of my grades. They both are like the National Honors Society, I was in the top 5% of American Students.
Those letters boosted my thoughts about school.
wow keep it up
bye guys i need to go
you have to learn to study............ study every day..... come here and we will help you learn the mathematics
Mhm, reason why I am here. I am no expert in Algebra, and being in college it stumps me. But, I am not scared to ask for help.
also, it helps to help others learn. I like to answer questions along the way......
Today is the first time using this website :)
Welcome to the site then Balmonster.
make sure u study real good so dat in collge you can pass all youre calasses!
ok thanks for the advise. I have to get a GPA of 4.0 if I want to get a smartphone (preferebly Samsung Galaxy S3). Is it hard to get a GPA of 4.0 in the freshman year?
No study, study, study....

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