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Soo...I was using my mom's computer for school and os until today... On my computer, I have to keep refreshing the page because when I say something in chat, it wont show up unless I refresh. I can't fan people, write messages, or answer questions. I dont know why its acting up on MY computer, but not on my mom's.. Any ideas?

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what browser you using?
Ummm Firefox, same as my mom's.

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Other answers:

just a hunch, but your cache might be full
Use Chrome ;)
Ohhhh I never thought of that. This thing comes up asking if I want to Stop Script or Continue..and it shows up that the javascript for openstudy isn't working or something.
maybe yur computer needs to b cleanes out. like , the cookies and stuff ;D
Ctrl+f5 might do a hard clear of the cache, if not, its in your tools section of your browser
Alright, I'm clearing it now..
my daughter was on the dreaded imvu, and that site loads up your computer with all sorts of useless garbage ... just sayin' :)
I haven't used my computer since May because it refused to connect to the internet. But last year at school, I NEVER cleared my cache... So that might be it. Non of the questions are showing up, and no one's display pic is either.
Still asking if I wanna stop the script or continue it to see if it'll load...
you might want to check your advanced internet options to see if images and javascript are enabled/disabled
How do I do that??
with firefox? hmmm. its in the tools part, under security and such
if that doesnt work; then youll have to prolly contact the OS to see if they have better solutions. good luck
I checked and the Enable Javascript box is is everything else on that tab option..
then youll most likely have to wait till an admin comes along. Or trade in your computer for one of those fancy new iphones
A script on the page may be busy or stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete. Script: http://assets, ^Thats what it says.. And so I can choose Stop Script or Continue... But, okay, I'll wait for an admin. Thanks Amistre.
Sounds like that computer is seriously slow. Is it old / otherwise slowed down? Maybe there is malware on it. Either way, I'd choose 'Continue' rather than 'Stop Script', but if it continues it may be rather unusable at the moment.
Yeah, this definitely sounds like a slow computer issue. May not be that much we can do about it at the moment :/
Matt...Its the same exact computer my mom has, so no. Its not old. Malware...? What would I do about that? I tried both options, and the same thing happened..It loaded the page, but I was still unable to do anything.
Someone told me that I might need to update my javascript or something... Would that be a problem?
You may want to try running Firefox in "safe mode" which runs it without any extensions. You may have some extensions on yr computer that are malicious / slow. It's not necessarily related to malware, but something is slowing the computer down. If the site is fine on the same model of computer though, then it could easily be malware. You can check using a variety of programs. I recommend MalwareBytes - You don't have to upgrade javascript, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to run Windows Update and see if there are any updates. Updates are generally a good thing for performance.
Yesssss!! I downloaded the newest version of firefox and javascript. OS works on my computer just fine now!

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