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I seem to be struggling in analyzing my lab experiments. I need some feedback as to how to improve the "Results" portion of my lab report.

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This is what I have typed up for it so far ....
I am really not sure what i need to do in the second paragraph of the "Results" section.
.... or even if im spose to come up with question :/

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Other answers:

do you want to answer the questions there or...?
im not sure. those were question that came to mind as i was typing up my lab report. I am spose to analyse the experiment itself, and I dont quite know what that entails. My grades for the lab reports that I have done are suffering because I simply dont know what it means to analyze the experiment.
I am sure those questions would alter the results, and are variables that would need to be considered or controlled
the initial length of the spring doesn't matter as long as the spring doesn't cross the elastic limit once you've added the weights if you know what i mean..
right, the spring itself is a physical object that has limits to take into consideration. If the platform that holds the masses overextends the spring to begin with, then that would defeat the purpose of the experiment
ive read online that cutting the spring in half alters the spring constant in that it alters the stiffness of the spring per mass applied
Do those extra questions actually belong in an analysis of the experiment? or am i spose to be focusing on other things?
I think they do.
A good experimenter-I think-always asks such questions.
Since the experiment is over; do these remain unanswered? Would I need to include my thoughts about them without any results of my own to back them up?
I think it would have been useful if the teacher provided us with a sample lab report. That way I could have something to compare what he is expecting with.
Yes, exactly, include your thoughts about them. You can answer all of those questions f you just think about them. For example, the initial length of the spring shouldn't affect the results because you have a platform (of unknown mass) already hanging by the spring. You could as well have placed a 50g weight on the existing platform & called the whole system (i.e. 50+platform) as the new platform & performed the experiment & conclude that it should still have given you the same results...
yeah, the platform was a bit of contention to begin with :) since I am a math major, the teacher asked me if we should plot the results starting at 0N,0cm , or if we should start it at the mass of the platform and 0 cm. I said that it doesnt matter, and he attempted to argue that it does matter. To me, the slope of a line is the same no matter where you start, as long as all your data is consistently adjusted.
Good one. That's how the math people think about it, huh? ;)
Thanks for the responses :)
yw :)

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