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i am becoming extremely annoyed at the fact no one is in this tread to help -_-

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With what?
The Enlightenment and Revolutions - The Scientific Revolution @cocoa020
Yeah, Bacon and all that, right?

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Other answers:

yeah :/ @cocoa020
are you trying to answer specific questions, or get help for preparing for an essay?
@cocoa020 What contribution to modern science was made by Andreas Vesalius? He created a vaccination that helped reduce the death rate across Europe in the 16th century. He published On the Structure of the Human Body which became the foundation of modern anatomy. He is considered to be the founder of physiology due to his extensive research on circulation. He wrote public letters condemning the Church for its non-acceptance of early scientific thought.
and like 3 others :c i just dont understnad them :c i tok this assignment three times and out of 9 i get 3 correct ._.
@cocoa020 What did Newton's book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy argue about the role of mathematics in understanding the natural world? Newton's book argued that mathematics and physical science were separate and could not explain each other. Newton's book argued that gravity could not be explained by mathematics alone. Newton's book made the bold argument that physical science required the use of faith to understand the natural world. Newton's book argued that mathematical principles could be applied to our understanding of the natural world. and this one
I think it's D
How did the Renaissance rediscovery of the work of Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy help start the Scientific Revolution? Ptolemy's system no longer seemed to work with what scientists were observing, and scientists began to look for other theories. Scientists were forbidden to read Ptolemy. Scientists wanted to prove that Ptolemy's theory of the universe was correct. Scientists discovered new writing by Ptolemy. @cocoa020
hmm A or C...
I think it's A 'cause his theory was discredited.
& could you help me with two others? :c
thanks :] @cocoa020 How did a shift in thinking about the natural world during the Renaissance contribute to the start of the Scientific Revolution? Renaissance thinkers shifted from an emphasis on Latin to Greek. Scientists shifted from thinking about the world to trying to understand how it functioned. In the Middle Ages, scientists began to understand God as more of an observer. Europeans shifted from thinking about how lands should be conquered to how they should be ordered.
I'd say B
Francis Bacon created a new way of scientific thinking called inductive reasoning. How was this different from the deductive reasoning of earlier eras? Scientists had to be inducted into a society in order to conduct experiments. Scientists no longer had to prove their ideas. Scientists now gathered information and facts before creating a theory. Inductive reasoning was faster and easier than deductive reasoning. @cocoa020
help me? im really far behind in school. trying to have a party this weekend but its cancled unless i catch up.... plz help!
@howard.jonah try opening a question and I'll try nd help

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