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What one additional piece of information would prove ΔTSU ~ ΔHGI? A. T @ H B. U @ I C. GI is twice the length of SU. D. Any of these would be sufficient to prove the triangles similar.

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A. T \(\cong\) H right ?
is that congruence symbol which you wrote as @

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Other answers:

there is supposed to be an undefined symbol in front of T and H in A. and an undefined symbol in front of U and I in B.
the @ symbols are just itself on its own , nothing else added to those .
very well, you familiar with ASA, AAS, SAS similarity postulates ?
according to them, any of the given A, B or C is sufficient to prove triangles are similar, refer these postulates, and see how these can be applied here
i never really understood the similarity postulates . can you help me out ? @ganeshie8
sure :) we have below postulates 1) AA similarity 2) SSS similarity 3) SAS similarity 4) AAS similarity
il explain u one, rest of the 3 will make sense to u immediatly ok
first, let me ask u a question, what these postulates say in general ?
hm .. that they're similar ? idk ..
what are similar ?
each of the postulate tells us "how to figure out if two triangles are similar"
for example, il draw two triangles, if i ask u to figure out if they are similar or not, what you will u do ?
are the two triangles similar ?
yes because the triangles are the same shape but different sizes so it would be SSS similarity ?
Perfect ! you knew it already ! its SSS similarity postulate coz, the ratio of sides is constant. 2/1 = 2/1 = 2/1 = 2
since all 3 SIDES of first trianlge are proportional to all 3 SIDES of second triangle, the two triangles are simiular by SSS similarity postulate
SSS you understood already, so lets move on to something else
i see now !! okay now i need to figure out this problem i posted .
pick one more in the list above, lets close this first before moving to the problem u posted :)
oh this is the problem that i am talking about ! the one above !
or else, il pick one, you explain me what it is ok
im talking about the similarity postulates, that i listed above
could u explain what this says : 3) SAS similarity
this postulate we can use in the present problem if u understand it
similar angle ?
thats right !
for the present problem ive already answered u. its D
why D ? you figure out ;)
ohhhhh ! i see it now ! thank you for clearing everything up for me (: i really do appreciate it !
np :) these things take some practice before we actually GET them... good luck :)

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