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Pleasse help.. How did the early republic era in US history help to mold the american nation.. Mention presidencies of washington and adams and pivotal election of 1800??

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This is an incredibly broad question. Sorry I don't know enough to fully answer your question. Is this for an essay or something like that?
it is for us history

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Other answers:

yeah sorry I don't an answer for you. these kind things take some research
oh ok
do u know anything about the american revoulion
? revoultion
um Britian vs colonists
well states by then I guess
yes exactly Britian vs. colonists
what about it?
It says how did the actions of the british lead to problems with the American colonists ?
I say the biggest one was that they taxed the colonists even though the colonists had no say in it. the "no taxation without representation" thing
ok what else would u say? Would you say that they were jusified in the declaration of independence?
sorry this is too broad..
can u throw in a few ideas also @timo86m
I think that's one of those debatable topics. the core of the declaration was the inalienable rights and the British violated those so I would say it was justified.
Ok. Can i ask you another question?
How were the colonists able to procliam victory in the war?
the british gave up
Can u go into more detail and tell me why they gave up if you could ?
haha okay
well the americans had a lot of advantages in the war. 1. it was home turf, so they could fight better 2.the british were many miles away so it was hard to ship supplies, soldiers, etc. overseas 3. the americans were more passionate about winning than the british. the british didn't care too much 4. the british were weakened from frights with other countries(and other countries helped the americans during the war)(the core reason for the taxes were because the British were poor from fighting France, I think, don't quote me on that 5. the americans used guerrilla warfare while the British followed that war "etiquette" which was basically that you can't pull any sneaky stuff
Also how did the US constitution fulfill the american revouliton?
I'm not going to ask to many more i promise
did u see the other question @ArkGoLucky ?
I'm not sure about this one. I know the Bill of Rights was to protect the peoples' individual rights that were violated by the British. I think the Constitution was to create a fair "government" that made up for where the British government failed. But again, not sure about this
don't know why I put government in quotes
and u don't know about the early republic?
it's the question is too broad for me to answer
how could i narrow it down to help?
I don't know
because the question is how did the early republic era in us history help to mold the american nation
think of characteristics that are unique to the United States now or characteristics that make us "Special" and think of how they might come about
sorry that's the best I can do
Ok and on the question 2 talking about the taxation and things what else would u say there?
what happened to no more questions...?
sorrry :) your soo good
the British just taxed too much. the american were not rich so the taxes hurt them. they felt wronged and retaliated

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