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- Fix a bug where typing a message in a particular format could break the entire group until one of us deleted it from the database manually. - Turn off digests until we can make them more useful. - Stop tracking some analytics that weren't that useful. - Fixed settings page issue in the latest version of Chrome where you couldn't switch between settings panes. - Send emails more reliably. - Properly handle people being kicked from groups. We were having some issues with internal onlineness tracking in those cases. Currently seeing some issues with the settings pane fix (other browsers may be seeing some problems); more to come on that front today.
All's smart score is bumped up? Was this also included in the work done by you ? @shadowfiend
It's not everyone's but something happened. We're looking into it.

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Other answers:

My SmartScore is also bumped up. I guess that means that admins can manually move up SmartScore. I'm glad to hear that Chrome is now compatible with the settings again.
I'm also getting an error when I try to access any specific event in the moderator log. I get a message that says "You're doing something you shouldn't!"
I don't even know what you mean by manually moving up SmartScore. We control all the numbers that go into it so… Yeah? KingGeorge, I'll mention that to Farmdawg and see what he's got.
Well, @KingGeorge - were you doing something you shouldn't? :P DM me a link to the specific item please.
I meant that admins can artificially move up someones SmartScore to whatever they wanted.
Again, we control all of the data that goes into SmartScore. I don't see how it's notable that we can change your score. It would be rather difficult, since we'd have to compute the various components and figure out how to move the user into the appropriate rank both positionally and in terms of point average, and it'd be difficult to sustain, since other users' contributions to SmartScore are constantly changing, but obviously if we control the data, we can control the output. If we were to choose to dedicate ourselves to completely corrupting the credibility of our own ranking system, of course.
Seems to be working poorly under chrome, everything is very slow
Uh-oh... I'm also doing something I shouldn't :\
I feel left out of the "I'm doing something I shouldn't" group.
Oops. Got it. lol. I'm apart of that group now. :)
I'm still having issues with site functionality. Particularly with posting responses to questions. It seems like the question posts in 30 seconds to a minute in the system, however, on my end, it lags as if nothing is happening, then the lag causes the window to freeze, not allowing me to do anything except close it and then re-open OS. It's very frustrating.
The site seems to freeze every once in a while?

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