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Hi,I read that for calculating grades,attendance will be considered.can anybody tell me how can i mark my attendance for these video lectures

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Where did you read this please?
Hi pls refer this.(this s given under syllabus details) Lecture and Recitation Attendance A significant portion of the material for this course will be presented only in lecture, so students are expected to regularly attend lectures. Recitations give students a chance to ask questions about the lecture material or the problem set for the given week. Sometimes, new material may be covered in recitation. Recitation attendance is encouraged but not required, though attendance and participation may be taken into account in the case of grades on letter borderlines. Please attend the recitation to which you were assigned, if possible.
Apologies, I thought you were talking about the online version of the course!

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Other answers:

i am confused.i am attending online course only.but how come this attendance? pls help if you know about this.
Faseela, just remember it
You don't have to mark your attendance
okay.but what i have to doif i need get my grades in my certificates?
I have to say that, unfortunately, this is not the place for that question ("Computer Science"). But here's what I'm thinking.. I'm thinking that your teacher used a syllabus from a course she teaches in person, just to make things easier. She might have forgot to take that attendance part out, or maybe it was just intended for another class. But I think the best thing to do is to communicate with whoever is administering the course.
Nvm, this might be the place to ask that. Sorry!
I didn't see the "mit 6.00 into computer scie...", and I assume that might be why this question is appropriate! My apologies!
"Nvm" = "nevermind"...
its okay. i am new to this open course and also to this forum. so i dont knw whether my qn is appropriate here or not sorry
A moderator would know! I'm sorry I couldn't help! I think it would be appropriate here. Does that look like your syllabus? I clicked a link to it from the bottom of the following page:
I was curious. That stuff is interesting.
On that last page, there are also some links for asking questions, general or other. I hope that is helpful. Good luck. only i am seeing that.actually i have referred the below link
I see! Glad that's resolved. Even that syllabus says that students are "expected" to attend class. This does not imply that they must attend. Also, the grade structure is found closer to the end of the syllabus. The problem sets and three quizzes amount to 100% of your grade, allowing no room for an attendance grade.
okay.thank you
No problem. Good luck with the course!

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