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can anybody help me on my chem review for my DBA? just need a study buddy

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you go to flvs? what module are you on?
@Swageraid32 are you there? I'll help you. :)

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Other answers:

yeah. Florida Virtual School...the have DBA (dicussion based assessments).
I'm taking chemistry with them.. I also have to review for my module 2 DBA
Well, @Swageraid32 you can get back to me.....if you like :) I'll be happy to help you once you tell me what module you're on.
Module 2? ...I did that one.
It's really hard for me. Is there a way you can help me too? Please :)
Sure. I can try. :) I havent done it in a while though, but I still got my notes. :) where would you like to do the studying? on here? and at what time? right now?
O sorry i had stepped away from the computer...My B
now would be nice you can msg me instead though.
message you on here?
Yes @Christawna~Marie
@Swageraid32 its okay. :) just tell me what module you are on. :)
i just really need to know like what ?'s they would ask....and i just started this course Module 1:(
oh! :) @Swageraid32 you have nothing to worry about. lol the DBA's are actually kind of easy. :) lol I know how it feels though....
Yea i was kinda stressing it so its not that bad ? :D
but, every instructor asks different questions. I'll give you an idea what my teacher was expecting...if you would like to know... :)
sure that would be great....thanx:D
no. :) On my first on I got a perfect score ...50 our to of 50 :)
and I felt the same way you did. lol
glad i am not alone:)
With my instructor, we spoke on the following topics: 1. What I thought about Module one 2. 1.03 and what scientist do with other scientist's data 3. 1.07 and the meaning accuracy and precision 4. how many sig figs are in the numbers 2.02 (answer: 3) and 2300 (answer: 2)
So do u have any ideas of what type of ?'s at all?
SORRY bout my last post didnt mean to send
lol its okay. :)
SO i do have serious? though;)
??? sorry...dont understand. lol
Nothing I was just joking around going to ask if that is your pic cause if so jus saying Ur PRETTY;D
:D aww! thanks. yeah that is me. :)
okay. so you have an idea of what they may ask? ...usually on your first DBA they're not so bad. :)
Yea thanx a lot lol hit me up on FB sometime;)
lol I might....have to know you're name first though. lol
Isaac Opry;)
okay. :) well, good luck on you're dba. :) I know you'll do well. just go and look at the assessments you did for that module and if you have any questions...always ask. If you do that then you'll be fine
ok thanx :)
okay. you're welcome. :)
can you help me review for my module 7 dba in chem?
Hey Christawana :) Did you write down what questions they asked for module 6?
ANyone can help me with module 4 dba chemistry

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