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Can someone give a succinct explanation of the difference between Python and Linux?

MIT 6.189 A Gentle Introduction to Programming Using Python (OCW)
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Actually Linux is an operational system and Python is a programming language, try searching for both definitions
Ahh... Linux is more broad. Linux could be a OS but, it actually uses some Python. Python is a seperate language that helps you use Linux

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Other answers:

Yes, I looked then up a couple of days ago, but still am not clear. A lot of the commands are very similar.
Linux also has lots of "branches" the BASE is Ubuntu which shows to concept of Linux very well. There are lot of other branches. BackTrack for Security Exploitation, Anonymous-OS for Hacking Tools.
Python is a cpu language that people can write. Linux is a system or an OS that a person wrote with the computer language
Person = Richard Stallman A guy who "invented" Linux. Also big part of GNU
@SweetXOGrannie I am sure you can go on the site I provided you You can just know this Python is a language and Linux is a system that contains lots of programming languages
If you think of an analogy, linux would be the Matrix while Python would only be the language that agent Smith was written in :)
Linux is a kernel (which is usually seen as the most important component of an operating system), a piece of code that is responsible for managing the communication between your computer's physical parts (the hardware) and the applications (the software). The operating system is simply the environment in which this communication occurs. There are many different kernels currently in use (e.g. Windows and Mac OS X use their own kernels - not Linux). After Linux was created, it was adopted in combination with other elements that are necessary to obtain a fully functional operating system (most of these were provided by GNU), but for historical reasons we ended up calling Linux to the majority of operating systems that use Linux as a kernel. So, what's Python you ask? All software needs to be written in a language that computers can understand, as natural language is too ambiguous. Python is simply one of those languages. "In theory", Linux (the kernel) could be written in Python, but it happens that most of it is actually written in C (another programming language completely unrelated to Python).
Linux is like Windows or Mac OSX. It's the operating system that manages your computer's hardware. Software are programs that sit on top of the operating system. They can be written in many different "languages" and one of those languages is Python. For general questions like this, wikipedia is also a useful resource.

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