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I have made an outline to my speech (intro to exercise). i have change some of the things. SO can you please help me what i need to fix or the error. i have my old outline that my teacher graded on but i do not know how to make these changes. Please help. i will post my teacher grading and how she wants it and i will post my 2nd edit paper.

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You must have a clear view on the outline of your paper and based on this find (by doing research) ways to support your general claims with more specific examples (that are quoted).
i already did my research.

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I may suggest to make a footnote (or depending of specific requirements put it at the end of your paper ) with the full link when you quote and – regarding what you stated in II. A. be adviced that aerobic (in the presence of oxygen) metabolism does not have a direct connection with aerobic (sport) and does not support the paragraph.
well it has but I had to browse definitions a bit, that's why you need to fully quote for easy access a web link - as well provide the date when you accessed the webpage. In again even the paper has a backbone my advice is to give a bit more time to every point and bring more information and reference.
Please post this in the Writing group.
noone see this in writing
but that the correct definition. i can even show you the source
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what your deal man
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