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infinity is not a number, so you are basically asking "what is purple/purple ?"
u cant define an infinity... so infinite/ infinite cant be defined....
purple and purple is probably equal to a darker purple

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Other answers:

I don't know about that, I've never tried to divide purple ;)
i just wanna see all of your thoughts on this problem
infinite is not a rational number so cannot be divided.
thats undefined just like 1/0
|dw:1349360636661:dw| now if you allow this whole number system will collapse. These are called indeterminate forms and you do your best to avoid these things.
its an undefine case because any number divide by infinity = zero and infinity divide by any number is = infinity so here you cannot consider any of these case separetly so its undefine case
if you have given limx-->infinity then 1/infinity=0
undefined?? but is it possible to solve?
nope not possible but can be in limits.
yes thats in limits.
L'hospital is only for limits of functions there is no function in infty/infty
yeah there are few cases where you can solve this kind of stuff ... but you better come up with problems where you encounter it ... it would be concrete.
to show you the problem with your idea\[{\infty\over\infty}={\infty+1\over\infty}={\infty^2\over\infty}\]now, are they any different?
what chapter of your text are you in? is this for limits or improper integrals? or something else?
how could they all have the same solution, and if so what would it be?
If you want to go really deep down the rabbit hole, learn about hyperreal numbers
Im studying trigonometry, i dont know what that limits mean and i just recently researched that L'Hospital rule i didnt even understand a thing 8-I
or Cantor's set theory
forget l'hospital, you'll get there when you take calculus
pre calculus?
i wonder if "/" is defined for so called infinity........... infi is representation of a v.large doesnt say how large and if it is defined.....say it somethin like a v.l num/ a v.l deno so denom can be <= num so it can be anythin so........the qn is not complete...... :P r is it's jus a troll
maybe, but l'hospital involves taking the derivative, and derivatives are a part of calc, not precalc sometimes they try to throw it into precalc it is hard to understand l'hospital without understanding the derivative
limits are in pre calculus but i havent encountered that hospital rule
i see
im closing this question thatbks guys
welcome always fun to talk about infity :)
even if I can't spell it :P

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