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2. A comparison between the value of human and animal life. Today is Tuesday, October 3rd, 2012. First, I have to apologize with my all readers, yesterday I din’t write any diary, because yesterday I have spent to exam whole day, then I went to visit my friend, but his place no have internet, I hope that my readers can understand about my situation. Last day I wrote the topic about 1. A comparison between the value of human and animal life, I haven't finished it yet, Today I want to continue my writing. Humans and other animals, what other animals as well as humans? 1. Beings need food, water and air. 2. Beings have a close relationship, and rely on the physical and biological environment. 3. Creature capable of reproduction. 4. Beings have different reproductive offspring look like their parents. 5. Humans or animals can not to escape reality, they were born to die. What humans different from other animals? 1.Humans have a large brains. 2.Human have intelligence level than other animals. 3.Humans have the ability to remember and learn more. I have to stop for today, because at 9 o'clock in this morning I have a class in the university of Jhongli , see you tomorrow. Best regards,
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I forgive you.

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