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The Perimeter Of A Rectangle Is Twice The The Sum Of Its Length And Its Width. The Perimeter Is 46 Meters And Its Length Is 2 Meters More Than Twice Its Width. What Is The Length ?

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At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti quos dolores et quas molestias excepturi sint occaecati cupiditate non provident, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et dolorum fuga. Et harum quidem rerum facilis est et expedita distinctio. Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus, omnis voluptas assumenda est, omnis dolor repellendus. Itaque earum rerum hic tenetur a sapiente delectus, ut aut reiciendis voluptatibus maiores alias consequatur aut perferendis doloribus asperiores repellat.

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16 I Dont Need Help
\[\rm \begin{aligned} l &= 2 + w \\ \rm l + w & = 46\end{aligned}\]
16 is the wrong answer

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Other answers:

No I Got It Correct
2(16 + 14) = 60
Nope I Got The Right Answer On The Computer
I Fucccin Got It Right Okay
Lol, someone is ignorant, Parth knows what he is doing lady
Hold On Ima Show Yall
sounds good
I just proved you that your solution was wrong. *sigh*
I have a strong urge to make a pun on her user name :P
Umm Both Of Youu Btttchs Can Fuccin Move Yall Mad Bcuss Im Right Nd Even If It Was Wrong R Yalll Mad
So stubborn...
somebody just went all gansta in a math help website
yu so bad gall
i don't think anybody can understand what you're saying :/
Solve this and tell me what you get:\[2(x + x - 2) = 46\]
and yuu lil biscut... you are such a female dog that you cant see he is right
46=2w+4w+4 6w=46-4 6w=42 w=7 L=2*7+2 L=16 So How You Gone Tell Me
I am gona tell you just like :"you are WRONG!" ..... thats how :]
Look at the question, and your answer.
Lhhh Right Thanks So R You Mad And @ParthKohli Its 25/2
Okay If Your So Right Whats The Answer
Nvm, I was just trolling. :D
this amuses me greatly...
I am pleased by your agony!
I Thought So You All Are DISMISSED
@DamnImBad I was just trying to test you; it's not 25/2.
Yeah, it's 16. :P
no it's not?
*white boy shuffle* VICTORY!
It is.
But It Really Is
2(16 + 7) = 46
let me check
You have passed. \(\checkmark\)
TF Im Not Dumb So Please Move
are u sure?
oh yea it is lol. why'd you guys do that to her?
you might be and not even know it!
Yes, it's 16.
Next test:
What was the fallacy in my reply earlier?
what is the air velocity of a English sparrow?
Hehe nvm sorry for the trouble
Tf What R You Talking About @DrakeS
I am quoting a movie... apparently none of you have seen *face palm*
No So Move
this proves you are stupid girl...
you dont know mony python!
wall, what do ya know. She is speechless!
Btttch Move Tf GooodBye Why R You The Only One Still Here
Because I enjoy talking to you, why else?
Tf Who R You
now... if only we could fix your grammar issues
Now Only If Youu Didnn Want Yo retrice Whooped Youu Better Move Nd Leave Me The Fucc Alone
or wut? U gonna insult me with bad grammar?
Btttch Ima Talk Bad Tf Youu Dnn Knw Me Btttch I Will Spit IN Yo Face Puuusyy Youu Need Shake The Mutha Fucccin Spot
oh snap, I only understood half that and it was enough to get all scared! Ima back off female dog, b4 u get all gansta on me booty!
I lied, this is too much fun to stop now!
btw, how did u get so ugly?
oh, im sorry, I used too large words for you to understand...
hw u so ugly?
then she mails me "Lhhh Btttch I Will Spit In Ya Face Nd Kill Yo Mama "
then "Okay Btttch Youu Think Im Playinn "
and the conversation continues in mail :P
U hittin on me woman?
well, sorta. maybe figuratively :D
Get Tf Off My pellett
My Shhittt
lol, leave yo name and numba and I will contact you as soon as I become indian
jk, i already have a gf
My dear girl. if you talk by capitalizing every damn word you type, and talk pellet like tha,t and then ask shit questions like that, and then fluttering answer the question yourself, you will get trolled by every creative person on this site. DEAL WITH IT.
hehe, so true
and then, if you don't calm your tits fast enough, people are gonna MAKE SURE you're chucked out of OS. I will personally oversee it.
Lhhh Bttttch Wasssuhp Ima Tell Youu Like I Told Him Btttch I Will Spit N Yo Face Killl Yo Mamam Nd Yoo Familly Btttch Youuu Better Move TF
me too, i have been for a few minuets now :P
haha, you sure can type fast tanv
mofo I DOUBLE DARE you to do bull* like this again. you better stop typing. I know the admin dudes on this site personally, i'll get you chucked out.
haha, I got this,
So Fucccin Move Off My pellettttttttttttt
keep typin female dog!
yaaaa, tahts right! I WIN
Drake, I don't get it. whose side are you on??? :P
Lhhh She Knww Themm So Personally Bcuss She Always Givvvin BLOW JOBS BTtttch Byee
I am on whatever side gets her the most mad :P
oh snap, u so classy woman!
cant even insult people properly :P
then, that me B)
ur welcome!
The irony of it all, is your name. WOW, everyone, applaud, stand back in awe, we have in our presence, such a badass among us.
indeed we do...
Mwah Thannnks
ur welcome cupcake!
ur such a doll face, I just wana pop its head off!
Lolls I Love It Such WonderFul Hatera
yup ^_^
This was fun, we should do this again some other time
how does next Tuesday sound?
Tomorrow Around 8:30
sounds good!
then its a date
See You There
: )
=) Dont Get To Comfortable
oh, you know me, never too comfortable
don't forget me guys, imma be there too.
oooh want to make it a 3 way date?
So I Will C @tanvidais13 @DrakeS And More Tomorrow Make Sure Your On Tine Dont Keep Me Waitinn
oh, you know it
and THAT is how you get a date!
post a ugly pic, insult her severely, and BAM
mannn i need to take lessons from u drake lol jkjkjk
haha, it all comes so naturally
bada bing, bada booom.
Lhhh Omg Youu Dont Look Any Better @bobbylynn Nd What R Youu Tryna Say Lets Not Start Pleaseeee
damn drake, you sounded like a selena gomez song. UGHHH.
oh no... not that
dont u dare make fun of how my baby looks or else
Lollls Hey Lets Save It All For Tomorrow Please I Dont Wann AnyBody To B Speechless
Oh Hes Your Son HA Traggic
that would horable! Just dont get any stupider and that won be a problem
: ) ) ) )
i never knew that there were dumb brunets tho...
Lolls So Awkward
yup... but thats the awesome part!
Right So I Will C Youu Tomorrow
of course!
K , See Youu Tommorrow
oh darn, i think I just got a real date!
Whats Wrong
i already got a gf ROFL
Oh So Youu Wanna Take A Rain Check
wait... did u actualy want to go on a real date? 0_0
Lhhh Ugh What Do I Look Like
erm.... a human.... definetly
Okay So Now I Have To Stop Bcuss We Have SNITCHES On Here I Have A Warning
warning for wat?
My LANGUAGE Oh Snaps Im N Trouble oooh Im So Scared But See Youu Tomorrow
I will have a diff account btw, so beware
Okay What Will Your Name B Or Is Someone Gonna B Speakinn For You
It will be somethin in the lines of Drake or Smith
Okay So Who Will B Speakinn FOR YOU TOMORROW
me :P I will just create a new account
Lhh Yea Okay
cya 2morow
K ,

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