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What happens to time at the center of a black hole i.e., at the singularity?

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Nobody knows. We don't have a quantum theory of gravity.
it is infinite
time stops

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Other answers:

everything is in place
@avijit007 can explain it better
the black whole's centre of gravity constantly pulls the time and space towards itself
well......mass-density would definetly b vry much bt it won't b enough to stop time........................even in the evet horrizon, time slows down to about 65-75%
even we are pulling space and time.
yes i m also saying that only
based on the information given by u i have come to aconclusion that universe constantly expands and contracts
well, according to general relativity, at gravitational singularity, the space time curvature is infinite.
what do u say about big crunch then @avijit007
what big crunch has to do with this qsn??????
because u said that time and space curvature is infinite
at the singularity time has no physical meaning, it completely stops. Based on this stephen hawking said that big bang also acts like singularity where time stops so before big bang there was no time and no one creates the universe, it was itself created
but space is expanding faster and faster , there will be no crunch
at singularity, as asked in the qsn, not in the whole universe space-time is infinite
@UnkleRhaukus is there any scintific proof about that bic crunch will not occur
it would b better if we focus on the qsn n try 2 find out what will happen time when space-time curve is infinite
yes definetly there are speculations about the big crunch, bt it has nothing to do with space- time curve
it has been pointed out by the scientists that till dark energy is more than dark matter in the universe , the universe will expand continously
big crunch theory is proven wrong by most of the scientist, and a new theory is predicted by the scientist which is inflation. It predicts that universe expand continuously with increasing speed
do u know what is dark energy and dark matter
dark energy is a a hypothetical form of energy that permeates all of space and tends to accelerate the expansion of the universe
no its not hypothetical because dark energy are all those black whole which traps even light and dark energy are those radiations which are uninflueced by gravitational pull of black holes
@009infinity The measure is know as the Hubble constant \[H_0\sim 71[\text{km}\cdot\text{s}^{-1}\cdot\text{Mpc}^{-1}]\]
dark energy is a kind of riddle to the scientists which expands the universe covers almost 75% of the universe. Dark matter works like gravity which sticks all the planets to galaxy and galaxy to galaxy in a filament and it is made up of particle called WIPM(weekly interactive massive particle)
cosmic energy is also a dark energy which exist
by hypothetical i mean that its total presence is still to b proven.its properties have been laid down
its some of the properties are known as it diverts the path of light when light passes through it. Actually WIMP was discovered on these basis
can anyone tell me why it was too hard to detect WIMP
it was difficult to detect wimp because may be it was undetectable due to merging in dark universe and due to its weak field .

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