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KINGNATIONB#TCH Un i do it like no other thats why i got the most haters but aleast i give em that real so probaly they thank me later but until then imma burrie em past hell naw forget that even deeper and my girl know she aint the one so she wouldnt be suprise if i ever leave her naw im lyin the more i talk to her the love gets deeper im im preachin this real now im makin you a believer

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i got a rap but it gos hard
See even though im wit Dai these h#es treatin me like a celeb they want a autograph and a picture and im really chasin my dreams thats why i cant give up i gotta office in my room so i like to keep the feet up if money is in front of me then im followin the leader you haters cant stop me so why do you try to keep up KINATION B#TCH i know yall which yall could meet us !
My second Rap that was a continuation of the first one

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Other answers:

wassup home boy did you hear what i said you always piss me off i wanna shoot ya in the head i have a gun right here why cant you just dissappear i want you dead so i'll shoot you in the head your a lil fcking you make everyone sick your always the one who make everybody pissed why do you take drugs dont you know that your always the one to puke it up boi your gonna end up like michael jackson now he is dead and your gonna be next heres another question why do you talk about getting girls you ugly azz fck i hate to say this but niqqa kill ya self cuss u got nohng on me ............... im done lol
Bro thats on some crazy sh#t lol
thanks bro i finished it yesterday
lol but make another real quick and it could jus b random
haha lol wow let me see what i got
i make mine 2
haha got it lol its short and good lol
Pimp niqqaas don't pay a dime, I'm fcking 2 bit,ches at the same time Then I hit the studio and I write a rhyme, I Call it "Tramp Hoe.s Aint Hard to Find" ,lol
lol i like that real talk
you liked it lol that was a quick improvise lol
they good, like for reals
both are good mine and his cuss we cool like that lol jkk thanks;)
yes both of u r gud!
These N##gas dont like me cause im really too kocky if you say i aint the man thats like sayin all black people wanna play hockey and im on that first class so you can get behind me i have been killin it for along time now just call me kobe yall can judge me but get a life cause u dont know me
is good is good my turn
AMG! can i judge??
lol yea
lol nah i changed my mind lol its to much
naw bro do it
u want me 2 talk about a h#e for u lol
lol nah i got these one its more aproriate
iight and gabby can you respond cause your like the only one not respondin lol
nmlkjjhjgftyuijkhyuiklkjhh (Tanslation IM THE SH#T)
like yes no?
si, me gusta
do i really have to judge?
i dont wanna :P
oh damiit i erased it hold up
We all need to be strong, for the ones we love yo Cant hesitate to help the next man up thats what i say Pass the game like its a hot potato Gotta do it now and not later You wanna say somethin, preach it If you know somethin, teach it Cause it makes no sense to keep it to yourself thats what i say, That's how you felt well you might feel better if you spread yo wealth im on the top no way ill hop cuss im the badest mc to ever grab the mic listen to me cuss ill say it ones im the one and only all of yall are clones trying to imitate these young talent thats blowing up like blunts.;)
im juss gonna sit here. and smile... :P
ok that was good but its the KING"S TURN
haha ight then
Alex your is DOPE
;) gracias
See im really on that BULLSH#T jus call me DRose their will never be another me therefore nobody can ever go toe to toe every year is my year damn a n##ga on a roll im ballin like im in illuminati with all this f'n gold i really got the crown thats why i stay on king mode see u might do it big but i do it bigger i should be on deaf row cause imma killer my haters see through i dont even see em i got red in my eyes cause im that villian 4 more years i bet your life i will be sittin on millions
omg, i not judge, they both good!!
^^^ Exactly
*.* wasnt a competition but sh#t honestly imma say i won but Alex was cool 2 But its jus i feel i won if its competition !
.........i won lol
im back lol and you crazy boy hahaa i killed you and there is more coming your way ;)
(is lost)
do u think he killed me
u both were gud.. honestly, Alex was better
Both of em did a really great job, i am not picking between them..... :p
wait im eating a sandwich and schoking right now lol hold up
im being completely honest
Alex...? lol
lol haha i was readyn and shoked on a sandwich lol
well i guess eveybody is readin from they A$$ except Gabby shes tellin me in my inbox different shes sayin i clearly won and she doesnt wANT 2 HERT HIS FEELINGS gABBY ITS OK HE WOULODNT B MAD CAUSE YOU R TELLING THE TRUTH
u ok??
WHAT????????????? I didnt say that u won....
I SAID IM not picking between u guys and that is FINAL lol
haha niqqa i dont mind if she says yours is beetter i dont brag or compete so congrats home boy
liar i give everybody my password to see her messages
both of you were great....... @AlexPR787 i didnt say that lol believe me
geez, King, calm down
lol haha ok
i though Alex was better, thas juss me.
haahaa let him be alyx
:/ i can't say anything no more......... LORD
UMMM YEAH THIS 28 YEAR OLD Lady keeps stalkin me on here
ight lest start a battle you and me bro and we will see ;)
^^^ i like that ;)
(That was for @AlexPR787)

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