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I need help with question. Im gonna download question.

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who opens .docx anymore?

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Other answers:

you can open do docx
you need to use trigonometric functions
i got cos 50=x/90 right
so i got 57.9
The cosine of a 50° angle is 57.9 right
which part the first blank is asking which function to use to find the height
part 1 i think its cosine
if yo are using cos(50)=x/90
yes that's what i did
and i got 57.9
then the next part is asking for the reverse how do you find the cosine function with the two sides
then input the cosine of 50 in your calculator for the next blank
its asking this this represents the value created when length _____ is divided by ______ feet.
the angle is the value when you divide the sides accordingly
Cos 50 degrees is 0.6428
The cosine of a 50° angle is 57.9 is this right for the second part
all the trig functions are is a relationship between the lengths of sides if you divide two known sides and take that data it represents and angle.
so like radar has said the cosine of 50 is .6428 so the sides divided are also .6428
57.8 is the height of the tower because you multiplied the hypotenuse by the cosine to find x
so it will be .6428x.6428
Cos is the adjacent side divided by the hypotenusel.
what happens if you divide the side x by the side of 90
adjacemt side is x right and hypotenusel is 90
so 57.8 divided by 90
that's what i got
\[\cos 50^{0}=x/90 ft\]
you get .6422
i got 57.9
roughly the same as the cosine for 50 degrees
\[x=.6428 \times90\]
that is what we have so far
so it would be 57.9
so x side is 57.9
when angle was 50 degrees
\[\cos(50^{0})=\frac{ adjacent }{ hypotenuse}\]
The cosine of a 50° angle is .6422 right
the first question only wanted to know that you would use the cosine function to find x
the next blank wants you to input the cosine of 50 which you have .6422
its .6428
yes if you type in cos50 in your calculator that is what you get
this represents the value created when length ____ is divided by ____ feet.
so what about this one
if you look at the funtion you know that it is x divided by the 90 feet if you divide the value you got for x by 90 it is about the same as cos 50
when length is 50 is divided by x feet right
no 50 is the angle you want the height of the tower divided by the lenght of the decline which is 90
when length is 90 divided by x feet
see how it is lenght x divided by 90 feet
ok i see now x/90
that is a balanced equation if you divide that you get the same value as you did when you input cos of 50 into your calculator
If the angle of declination changed to 60°, the cosine would be 0.5; now the length of x would be ________ feet.
use the same equation with the cos of 60 instead
so its gonna be cos(60)=x/90
\[\cos(60^{0})=\frac{ x }{ 90ft }\]
so now you need to solve for x
so it would be 45
yes one more blank left
there is two ways to solve for this but you are suppose to use a trig function
there are srry
If the angle of declination changed to 60°, the angle of inclination would be _____ degrees.
no it wants to know the angle of inclination which is the angle from the bottom
the angel theta is unknown do you know which trig function to use to solve it
not sure
so theta is 60 degrees right
if you look at the trig functions there are sin=opposite / hypotenuse cos which we covered and tangent = opposite / adjacent
so you want to use the sine function
From reading the problem, I believe you could solve simply from the fact you are working with a right triangle, and the sum of the two acute angles equals 90 degrees.
so apposite side is 45 right
so we trying to find the bottom right
yes the bottom angle
on your calculator you push the 2nd button then 45/90
i got 0.5
you need the inverse sine of .5 which is 2nd sin .5
are you using a ti calculator
no my iphone
you need to look for \[\sin ^{-1}\]
you press sin ^-1
and than 45/90
is that a button
yes its sin^(-1)
yes what do you get when you put that in
.5 is what you get when you do the division without the sine function I am not sure what your calculator is doing
when you get the true inverse sine you will get 30 degrees
i got 30
that is correct know do you notice that the 30 you got and the 60 degree other angle add up to 90 and the right angle is also 90 every triangle has 180 degrees in it so you could have just found the missing amount from 180
that is a link to a tutorial that might be able to help

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