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Finally got my dinosaur of a computer to load the Python software. Still having trouble getting the first problem set to work after reading manual. Advice for a wanna-be tech kid?

MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
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Also, totally confused by the various due dates. Isn't problem set one due tomorrow?
What is the first problem set?
The first and last name problem is the first problem set. I got the code to work, but could not find a clean way to add the comments at the beginning. Copy and paste was clunky but worked. Editing functions of delete/cut don't work yet...or I have not figured out how to use them as expected. Btw, I sent email via main Open Courseware contact tab asking where to submit this, too.

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Other answers:

Did you start the comments with the # symbol and comments cannot be made within a within a string literal.
I did the # first, yes. Of course I did not quite get this in the right order on my first time. (Tried code first...then added name/time/etc; copy and paste into right order) I still am unsure where to submit this. Bah. Gotta get to bed. Feel free to post and I will check ASAP in the morning.
Occam's razor moment: thought I had logged in!! Turns out I was merely looking at old MIT OpenCourseware videos/problem sets last night. I am, thankfully, TRULY caught up and "checked"/submitted now. (*feeling foolish*)
Glad to hear :)

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