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Can u guys help my friend write a poem? thanks!

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Write a poem about what I see at the park.. this is the topic
Poems are not fun unless you write them yourself.
Iknow.. but its not for me.. my friend needs help nd i dont wanna do the work.. Haa so im just askin to see if sumone can :)

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Other answers:

Tell her to use her creativity and make a masterpiece. Then we can all read it and fix it if needs be.
How long does it have to be?
I dont think it has to b that long.. i think he wouldnt care.. just wants the work done.
lol is he your boy friend?
Haa na just a friend :)
Okay first, what do you see in a park? Next, just write it all down.... Figure out what you see/hear/smell/touch first whne you go to the park
What do you want to tell the reader of the poem about first? How you hear the crunch of the leaves (well more like the "Shlop" since they're wet and soggy) or the smell of crisp cold air? or the squirrels running up and down trees chattering loudly? or the feel of the rough cold bark of a tree?
Ur real good at thie @LifeIsADangerousGame can u please write a poem? my friend needs help nd ha i dont wanna do the work lol
Is it for school or something? A poem isn't really that hard
Yess.. hes really behind nd i feel bad if i cant help him. plz! :))
A poem won't take him that long though, I'm willing to walk him through it :D
When you go to the park, what do you see? A bench,some grass, a tree? I see more than that, The man on the bench that is fat. I see many kids at play, Enjoying this beautiful day. Flowers all around, Stretching upward bound. I see birds of many kinds, Eating their delicious finds. I see a lot you know... At least I think so. LOL i just typed this right now. do not laugh at me .
Thats real good @countonme123 for just writing it now :) Im sure he dont care wat it sounds like ha just wants it done :D
lol thanks.That's my poem I guess. Maybe you will find a better one. Cya.
@LifeIsADangerousGame can u think of one?
Well yea if you still want one
yess i wuld like to show both to him nd he can chose :) i would appreiate it alot!!
u still there @LifeIsADangerousGame ?
Yes, I am almost done
She must be really working on a good one.
Ha yeahh :)
Thanks :)
Okay, I breathed deeply, sighing contently as I walk in the park The smell of Fall was in the air The weather was crisp and cool, I watched as leaves slowly dance on the breeze falling gently on the ground without a care I look up at the squirrel in the tree, chattering noisily with a twitch of his nose It whips its tail back and forth above my head and "Achoo!" I scare him away with a sneeze Yes Fall is in the air, I can see it from the red noses on children As they run around bundled up to laughing as they run as fast as they dare Yes Fall is here The season of hot chocolate and snow Where leaves fall from the sky to and fro The season of earmuffs and mittens and coats and pretty blue scarfs to keep warm your throat ^_^ It doesn't rhyme at all places but it's a poem :p
Definitely better...
@LifeIsADangerousGame thanks so much!! i let u know which one he chose :)) ha
lol you don't have to, it's not a competition
I know..alright i wont :)
If there isn't a metric requirement involved, tell your friend to write a freestyle haiku. Always the easy choice to go for if you are not feeling that much creative for a longer text. Something like: Spring time: On an old park bench I see an old love of mine Or A goose heading to the park “Look what they’ve done.” Migration can wait Always saved me from writing more complicated poems ^^
Without the 'old' repetition, was unnoticed.
Alright thanks @bmp ill let him know
No problem :-)

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