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Social Change: Changes in Society

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complete the 2.07 Chart and conduct an interview with a volunteer worker. To complete this assessment, you will: Identify three social problems, such as child labor or tenement housing, discussed in the lesson and research ways in which government regulations or organizations have helped address these issues. Use this information to complete the Social Problems and Solutions Chart. Explore the Interview Learning Object to learn more about the steps involved in conducting an interview. Select a community worker or volunteer to interview about one of the social issues you researched. Be sure to use the Interview Learning Object as a guide to learn how to contact a volunteer and conduct an interview. Prepare questions for your interview. You will need at least 10 questions. Eight questions have been provided. Create at least two additional questions to round out the list. Set up a phone or in-person interview with your volunteer, and conduct your interview at the scheduled time. Remember, if you are meeting your volunteer in person, you should arrange the meeting in a public place and with your parent or guardian's permission. Create a written report or presentation that reflects the information obtained from the interview. You may write a traditional report or use Web 2.0 tools to create a unique presentation. Your product should explain a social issue that the interviewee cares about and describe the reasons, rewards, and impacts of the interviewee's volunteerism.
What possessed you to take this class? Be sure you never make a mistake like that again.

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Other answers:

i know right
You are just going to have to BS your way through this. That's OK, morally, because the question is pure BS anyway, with a host of garbage assumptions and morally-questionable attitudes underlying it. You're obligations to integrity are reduced when you are confronted with a lack of integrity on the other side. My first suggestion, if you have the time, is to ask your instructor for a reference to one of these "community workers." You are probably not going to get away with picking a genuine community worker, like a cop, fireman, nurse or lineman for the utility company. You'll probably need to find some social parasite instead. Fortunately, the teacher can probably line you up with one. Then you can interview that person, and just take down whatever babble he or she puts out, and fashion that into your paper. You probably don't have to worry about logic or consistency here -- just make sure you've got the right buzzwords in there. If you listen closely to your interviewee, you can probably figure out what these are. They'll be repeated a lot, for one thing. If you don't have time for this....well. Maybe ask around in your family. Show them the question. If you find anyone whose eyes light up and seems eager to help, then they're probably part of the same cult, and will be able to put you in touch with an interviewee. Good luck, man. These kinds of questions should be held unconstitutional under the Fifth Amendment.
Oops, I mean Eighth Amendment. The one about cruel and unusual punishment.
lol are u takeing this class this class is pure bs 1sst of all my teacher sucks retrice and 2 of all there is no answers or things around google on anything to do with the class and lastly its just bs
you did this i need help
i need help wit this also O.o
did you guys figure it out how to do this assessment??
Has anyone done this assignment yet??
I have to do this, has anyone done it yet? @ariellesircy ?
Can anyone help me with this??? @Epikal @ariellesircy
Sorry @dezzycakes.14 I skipped this assingment >.>'

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